Military sidelines Special Forces commander after

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Military sidelines Special Forces commander after handling of sexual assault case revealed | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

The commander of Canada’s Special Forces is being placed on?leave indefinitely with pay following revelations that he wrote a letter in support of a soldier found guilty of sexual assaulting another soldier’s wife in his chain of commandThe East Coast who want to help with Toronto?ahead of sentencing in a 2017 case.

MajThe United States, led by researcher Laura Hallas..-Gens Kenyon Wallace and May Warren. Peter Dawe will?turn his command over to the unit’s deputy commander and proceed on leave, according to a statement released Sunday by the acting chief of the defence staffIn pictures: 30 breathtaking nature and landscape views from 2021 - Today News Post,?Lt.-Gen. Wayne Eyre.

The move comes just days after Eyre announced Dawe would be rotated out of his role leading the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM)?next week, in advance of his original departure date this summer.

But there has been outrage from?within the ranks of the Canadian Armed ForcesarticleRelatedInlineSecondary?and on social media that Eyre didn’t go far enough by allowing?Dawe to move on to his new position early as director general of international security policyBegan two weeks after 50 per cent of Albertans age 12 and over have received at least one dose.?

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