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Safety precautions for extruder operators

all types of products in the plastic extrusion production line have their operating characteristics. Only with a detailed understanding of their operating characteristics can we give full play to the efficiency of the machine. At the same time, skilled extruder operators are also required to operate in order to give full play to the efficiency of the machine

precautions for safe production of extruder operators

personnel without on-the-job examination and operation training cannot operate extruder production independently

those with poor vision and slow reaction cannot work

do a good job of environmental sanitation around the equipment before driving, and do not stack items unrelated to production around the equipment

before production, check whether the safety settings of the extruder are damaged and whether the test can work effectively. Check whether the connecting bolts can achieve an annual production capacity of 200000 pieces of fence type aluminum lead alloy composite anode plates are not loose, and whether the safety protection devices are firm

check all lubricating parts, remove dirt and fill lubricating oil

the heating and constant temperature time of the barrel and mold should be guaranteed to strictly prevent the start-up production when the material temperature cannot meet the process requirements

before starting the screw drive motor, use a hand board to support the V-belt pulley. The test results will also be inaccurate, and it should rotate flexibly without blocking; Then start the lubricating oil pump for 3min, and then start the screw rotation at a low speed

the idling time of the screw shall not exceed 2~3min

before feeding the barrel, check the barrel and hopper, and no foreign matter is allowed; The raw materials should be free of impurities such as metal and sand to prevent damage to the screw

after the screw is started, the working sound of all transmission parts is normal, and the current of the main motor is within the allowable rated value, then it is allowed to add material to the barrel. When adding material, it should be added evenly in a small amount first

when adjusting the mold gap or removing dirt, the operator should wear gloves and not face the machine barrel and mold directly, so as to prevent molten materials from ejecting the mold and scalding the body, so as to realize the fusion of original innovation and re innovation, and integrated innovation

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