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Safety precautions for maintenance of electrical work at heights

1. All work that can be done in advance on the ground must be done on the ground to minimize work at heights

2. Personnel working at heights must be in good health. Personnel with hypertension, heart disease and other conditions who are not suitable for working at heights are strictly prohibited from working at heights; It is forbidden to work at heights when staff members are found to be drinking or in low spirits

3. Wear labor protection articles for climbing operation according to regulations. When the height exceeds 1.5m, you must use safety belts or take other reliable safety measures

4. The safety belt should be checked before use, and the static load test should be carried out regularly. It is forbidden to use if the test is unqualified

5. The hook or rope of the safety belt should be hung on a solid object or a steel wire rope specially used for hanging the safety belt. It is forbidden to hang on a moving or unstable object

6. The tools, materials, parts, etc. used for climbing operation must be put into the tool bag. Various contradictions and problems in the hands are intertwined when going up and down. It is not allowed to hang objects, and it is not allowed to throw tools, materials and other objects. When sliding and rolling tools and materials are stacked on the scaffold, measures should be taken to prevent falling. 3. Wear particle analysis

7. When climbing, no one is allowed to pass or stay under the working place except the relevant personnel. There should be a fence under the working place or other protective devices should be set up when there is an accident in the equipment to prevent falling objects from hurting people

8. It is not allowed to throw tools and materials up and down. They should be fastened with ropes and hoisted down or up to avoid hurting the staff below

9. Work at heights should keep in touch with the ground, provide necessary contact tools according to the site conditions, and designate a special person to be responsible for contact

10. It is strictly forbidden to work at high altitude to ensure the health of equipment components

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