Safety precautions for hot press operation

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Safety precautions for press operation

to ensure the continuous innovation of modified plastic products of Jiangsu Jinfa technology, the safety of operators and the operation of maintenance machines, be sure to comply with the requirements that propylene can accurately detect the tensile strength, flexural strength, shear strength, upper yield strength, lower yield strength, specified plastic elongation strength, specified total elongation strength, specified residual elongation strength, yield point elongation, plastic elongation Total elongation, total elongation at fracture, elongation after fracture, shrinkage after fracture, etc. the following precautions should be paid attention to:

1. The mechanical structure specification and circuit control circuit of this power are in line with safety regulations. In order to ensure the safety of operators, it is not allowed to change the operation circuit at will. The company will not be responsible for any arbitrary changes. The protection and detection of the following devices and lines are safety devices:

(1) emergency stop device

(2) motor overload device

(3) circuit configuration of movement prohibition

(4) two hand operation safety circuit configuration

(5) cam failure detection

(6) secondary falling system operation lock protection

(7) overload detection device

(8) misfeed detection device

(9) photoelectric safety device (special accessories)

2. Daily inspection, startup inspection and regular inspection items must be observed

3. The person in charge of the operation must carry out the following inspections

(1) operate in inching mode to test whether the functions of clutch and brake are normal

(2) whether the bolts of crankshaft, runaway, punch, connecting rod and screw are loose, such as experimental report, experimental parameters, system parameters, etc. can be stored in file mode

4. After completion, when leaving the work post or checking, adjusting and maintaining each department, be sure to turn off the power supply, pull out the key of the power switch and the keys of various change-over switches, and hand them over to the unit supervisor or his designated person in charge for safekeeping

5. The independent inspection of the punch must be carried out by qualified professionals, and the inspection records shall be kept for reference during the next inspection

6. When checking or disassembling the pneumatic device, turn off the power supply and air source first, and release the residual pressure completely before proceeding

7. In terms of electrical maintenance, qualified electricians should inspect, adjust and repair according to regulations

8. Before operating the punch, please refer to the main specifications and working capacity limits of the punch, and do not exceed the capacity

9. Before the operation of the punch, the operator must carefully read the operating procedures of the punch and confirm the positions of relevant switches and buttons

10. When the safety device breaks down, you can refer to the troubleshooting section to solve it. Otherwise, please inform the sales company to send personnel for maintenance. Do not modify the safety device without permission

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