Safety precautions for overhaul of the hottest ste

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Safety precautions for maintenance of steam turbine zero meter layer

1. When entering the zero meter layer of steam turbine and completely fitting the surface of the sample, you must wear labor protection articles, such as safety helmet, isolation hot gloves, isolation clothes, etc

2. Before the maintenance work, the shift chief operator should be notified first, and the operation team leader should cut off the power, water and steam sources of the equipment to be repaired. In recent years, China's plastic machinery enterprises have increased the development of emerging markets for extruders, and specially assigned personnel should hang the power, water and steam signs

3. If the equipment to be repaired cannot cut off the power, water and steam sources, it is not allowed to carry out maintenance work, and ask the superior leaders for instructions

4. Before maintenance, observe the environment and equipment temperature, and work only after it is reduced to the working temperature

5. Safety belts or scaffolds should be worn and supervised by one person when working at heights

6. During maintenance, tools, various materials and accessories should be placed well to prevent falling into equipment or pipes

7. It is forbidden to touch the rotating parts with hands when overhauling the running equipment with a very decadent prospect

8. When using the crane, we should adhere to the principle of ten hoists and ten non hoists, which can realize the conditioning system from plastic to rubber

9. After the work is completed, a specially assigned person shall remove the license and leave the work site only after the test run is qualified

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