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On June 27, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the implementation opinions on encouraging and guiding private capital to further enter the telecommunications industry (hereinafter referred to as the Implementation Opinions), clarifying eight key areas for private capital to enter the telecommunications industry

this implementation opinion is considered to be the implementation of the implementation policy of encouraging private capital to enter six major fields, including telecommunications, in the "several opinions on encouraging and guiding the healthy development of private investment" issued by the State Council on May 13 last year, which will be favored by more and more businesses

subsequently, at the summer salon meeting of the telecommunications economics expert committee of the Ministry of industry and information technology, experts from the development research center of the State Council, Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications, the research center of the national development and Reform Commission and major industry institutions said that the implementation opinions can be described as another ice breaking in the communications industry since China's accession to the WTO 12 years ago, which is of great practical significance

if the previous telecom reform mainly solved the problems of enterprise system reform and optimizing the competitive pattern of state-owned enterprises, aiming at the development contradictions within the communication industry and between state-owned enterprises, the development problems caused by the current external environment have far exceeded the scope of the previous telecom reform

according to the data released by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the annual main business income of the communication industry in 2011 was about 1trillion yuan, and the annual income growth rate was not lower than the GDP of that year. In terms of output value, the telecom market is quite a huge market, but another indisputable fact is that the three major state-owned telecom operators have all encountered the same growth ceiling, weak user growth, declining profit growth, vicious competition, transformation into PA materials is a special problem, with little effect, and so on

in sharp contrast to the highly concentrated telecommunications industry, surprising changes are constantly taking place in the field of Internet and mobile Internet, where private capital accounts for the vast majority, and the industrial dominance is quietly changing hands. The change of ranking of the Fortune 500 just released confirms this fact from the side

expect catfish effect

to some extent, this reform is similar to previous reforms. The strategy is to introduce external competitors into the telecommunications industry, hoping to cause internal qualitative change

however, compared with the past, the connotation of inside and outside has been completely different. From the perspective of the external environment, both China Unicom and China Railway connect were established under the strong intervention of the administrative hand, and the establishment of state-owned holding enterprises has a distinct color of planned economy. At that time, private capital could only rotate in the field of value-added telecommunications services

since the State Council issued several opinions on encouraging and guiding the healthy development of private investment (hereinafter referred to as the new 36 articles) in 2010, the field of basic industries and infrastructure has opened the door to private capital. Encouraging private capital to enter the basic telecom operation market by means of equity participation has been officially written into the document of the State Council

Sunlijian, deputy dean of the school of economics of Fudan University, believes that China's economy should get rid of the crisis, so there is still a large domestic replacement space for wet diaphragm. Following the development strategy of "good words first", the most critical thing is to let private enterprises spontaneously rush to the front line of the government's industrial structure adjustment strategy, and form a blood generation mechanism that can replace blood transfusion stimulation and revitalize the market

from the perspective of the internal environment of the industry, the industrial chain system dominated by operators is rigid and weak in innovation, while the elimination of the boundary between it and CT industries and the surging innovation enthusiasm of mobile Internet reshape the new ecological chain, and the era of winner take all is gone forever

fortunately, operators represented by Chinatelecom have taken the lead in eating crabs, establishing incubation bases and venture capital companies in Shanghai, introducing private investors, cultivating new growth points, and stimulating institutional vitality

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