Azerbaijan will invest 15billion dollars in oil, g

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Azerbaijan will invest 15billion US dollars to build oil, gas and petrochemical projects

it is reported that rovna, President of Azerbaijan national oil company (until today, aluminum is still the main structural material of aircraft, soca, these uses can significantly reduce weight and save cost R) this function is not omnipotent, G abdullayev said on Thursday (August 18), The company will start to build the previously announced natural gas processing and petrochemical complex project in garadag District of Baku in 2013. The project with an investment of US $13billion to US $15billion is expected to be completed from 2018 to 2020. At present, the feasibility study of the project has been completed and has entered the specific design stage, and then the process license will be selected. Socar will cooperate with foreign investors to build the new project

in the first phase of the project, a set of 10billion cubic meters/year natural gas treatment facilities will be built to process the associated natural gas from Azeri Chirag guneshli oilfield. In the second stage, a 10million ton/year oil refinery and a petrochemical complex will be built

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