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Development of printing technology (Part 2)

III. post press diversity, automation

1. Meaning

"post press diversity" refers to the sequential processing after printing (including print surface finishing, book binding and packaging molding processing, etc.) using a variety of processes and equipment

"post press automation" refers to the extensive use of automated and continuous processes and equipment to gradually change the backward situation of manual and semi mechanized production, fundamentally improve the quality and production efficiency of final printing products, and strive to reach the general level of advanced countries

2. The development goal of post press processing technology before 2010

(1) widely adopt a variety of printing finishing processes (such as UV glazing, calendering, film coating, gluing, waxing, concave convex embossing, bronzing, punching, ridging, marking, inkjet, etc.) to improve the gloss, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and water resistance of printing products

(2) improve the appearance and internal quality of books and periodicals products by widely using folding, matching, sewing, paperback binding, wireless binding, horseback binding, hardcover cutting, packaging and other equipment with a high level of automation and continuous production

(3) through a variety of packaging molding processes (such as die cutting indentation, bronzing, folding paste box, windowing, veneering, compounding, slitting, bag making, etc.), it can meet the needs of the rapidly growing packaging market for multiple varieties, high quality and short cycle

(4) focus on the promotion and application of binding process, develop and improve wireless binding machine and linkage machine, hardcover machine and linkage line

(5) develop and widely apply computer packaging design application software, computer-controlled die-cutting plate laser cutting machine, engraving machine, tool forming machine, and focus on improving die-cutting accuracy and die-cutting processing speed

(6) apply and develop high-precision, high-speed, multi-functional automatic continuous post press compound machine, folding paste machine, bag making machine, corrugating machine, corrugated board and color fine corrugating automatic production line, as well as post-processing devices (including circular die cutting machine) for web form printing machine and flexographic machine

IV. high quality and serialization of Jinan assay employee welfare equipment

1. Meaning

high quality refers to improving the product quality of printing equipment to meet the needs of various printing. At present, among many domestic printing equipment, there are many medium and low-grade products, few high-quality products, and the quality is unstable. In the future, the development of various printing equipment should focus on improving the quality

serialization refers to complete specifications and diverse varieties. At present, some domestic printing equipment varieties are not matched and do not form a series; In addition, some high-tech products, such as computer direct plate making (CTP) plates, are still blank at present

in the future, the development direction and focus of China's printing equipment are to improve quality, increase varieties, achieve serialization, strive to keep pace with international development, meet the needs of printing technology progress, and meet market demand

2. The main goal of the development of printing equipment before 2010

(1) photosensitive adhesive can radiate world films

focus on the development of laser recording output film, improve its resolution and physical properties, and improve the development process, so as to make it close to the level of similar foreign films. At the same time, we will steadily improve the quality of electronic color separation films, photography and copying films, develop and produce bright room films, as well as series of environmentally friendly dry films

(2) printing plates

focus on the development of PS plates for lithography, new computer direct plate making plates and flexographic plates for relief printing

first, PS version: focus on improving sand mesh processing technology and improving the quality of photosensitive layer to achieve high resolution and high printing resistance, and meet the needs of domestic high-end printing market. At the same time, special plates such as ultra-fine, anhydrous printing and UV printing are developed and applied

second, computer to plate (CTP) should develop and produce the relevant standard of silver salt plate: BBT 0024 ⑵ 004 in the shortest time possible, and make it close to the level of similar foreign products. At the same time, thermal CTP series plates are developed

third, flexo: develop and produce a series of photosensitive flexo plates of various specifications, improve the resilience, aging resistance, sensitivity, resolution and other indicators of the plates, and make them close to the level of similar foreign products. At the same time, develop diversified plate forming processes

(3) printing paper

the development trend of paper in the future is low quantity, high quality and multiple varieties. In terms of paper, book paper and packaging and decoration paper, emphasis should be placed on improving the proportion of wood pulp and the quality of straw pulp in raw materials to improve paper strength, increase opacity and strengthen surface properties. Improve coating technology, so that offset paper can achieve low quantitative and light coating, so as to meet the requirements of high-speed rotation and multi-color printing. At the same time, we will continue to increase and develop other low weight, film coated offset paper, as well as packaging paper of different specifications and various special paper products

(4) printing ink

the development goal of printing ink in the future is to meet the needs of multi-color, high-speed, fast drying, no pollution, low consumption and so on. Improve the quality of production relations of thermosetting rotary ink, surface printing ink and flexo ink, improve the adaptability to modern technology and the stability of products, and improve the quality of domestic ink raw materials and the level of ink packaging. At the same time, actively develop various water-based inks, anhydrous offset printing inks, food packaging inks, sun resistant inks and other products that are still in shortage and blank in China

(5) offset blanket

focus on the development and production of medium and high-grade air cushion blanket required by high-speed printing machines (more than 10000 sheets/hour for sheet fed printing machines and more than 60000 sheets/hour for web printing machines), as well as supporting aluminum plywood of different specifications and models, so as to meet the main needs of various printing machines as engineering plastics

(6) other printing equipment

in accordance with the international development direction and domestic market demand, we will increase the use of computer output equipment materials, anti-counterfeiting printing materials, inkjet printing materials (8) to explore the problem of poor animal husbandry (4) to solve the problem of thermal shock Χ Allow to see ξ It's too late for me to go home? br

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