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Private customization, XCMG tipping machine helps Asia's largest animal husbandry group achieve industrial upgrading

private customization, XCMG tipping machine helps Asia's largest animal husbandry group achieve industrial upgrading

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boom, after waves of tumbling, "wow", the bucket door opens, and the semi-finished products of the farm mixture are evenly spread on the ground for the second drying fermentation

this is the daily work scene of a production base of Asia's largest animal husbandry group located in Henan. The protagonist is dozens of the latest lw160kv stackers specially developed by XCMG for customers. Tipping and stirring can realize accurate arbitrary waveform control, mixing, crushing and shovel loading at one go, realizing efficient operation and saving a lot of equipment and labor costs for customers. More importantly, through the extensive application of the tipping machine, the group's green development path of practicing circular economy has become wider and wider

can save and earn, XCMG provides complete equipment solutions for customers

"As we all know, a large number of feces and other wastes produced in the process of animal husbandry need to be treated harmlessly, and the production of organic fertilizer is the most effective way. Previously, in our factory, it required at least four kinds of equipment and four human forces to complete an organic fertilizer dumping operation at the same time, so as to ensure the smooth implementation of the promotion and implementation of the new material standards in the whole organic fertilizer processing process. These equipment are huge in volume, and each transfer has to cost Special vehicles and manpower. The high cost of equipment and manpower has a direct impact on our economic benefits. " The staff of the customer's production department still have lingering fear when referring to the previous operation scenarios. "Knowing that we were faced with the problem and demand that there was no pungent smell on the site, XCMG related personnel quickly creatively provided a complete set of customized equipment solutions and promised to customize a multifunctional and efficient loader product for us. We are very looking forward to this. This is the dozens of lw160kv stackers in front of us. According to the manipulator, this model has flexible operation and high crushing efficiency, and the waste and feces can be evenly stirred and dumped." At the end of the year, we can really realize multi-function and one machine operation. Now four equipment have become one loader, and only one of the four labor costs is needed. This time, we have made a lot of money. "

to create value and win-win future, XCMG loaders have been working hard

the simple language of customers reveals their satisfaction and appreciation for XCMG loaders, and win-win with customers, which has always been the pursuit of XCMG loaders. Focusing on the customers' needs, which are the technical standards of China's automobile enterprises, we provide customers with high-quality products with "leading technology and indestructible use", not only in animal husbandry, but also in port system, wood system, railway system, steel system... All kinds of products customized for customers are tirelessly contributing to the improvement of customer value

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