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Printing lost to boom Shen's first drop in financial forecast

Shen's printing, a listed printing company on the island, announced a reduction in financial forecast. The net profit before tax was reduced from RMB 50.09 million to RMB 1.55 million, a decrease of 96.9%, and the pre tax earnings per share was 0.03 yuan; According to the survey and statistics of the paper trade union in Taiwan, the paper consumption in the first three quarters declined compared with the same period last year. 1abs is not affected by water, inorganic salts, alkali alcohols, hydrocarbon solvents and a variety of acids. It is expected that the listed Qiuyu printing and OTC Kao Enterprises, which are also the printing industry, will not operate well this year

due to the changes in the economic boom inside and outside the island and the sluggish market demand, consumers' willingness to consume is not high, and customer orders also decline. Shen's own estimate is that the updated operating income is about 680 million yuan, a decrease of 20% from the original forecast of 850million yuan, and the pre tax net profit is reduced from 50.09 million yuan to 1.55 million yuan, a decrease of 96.9%

under the condition of weak market demand, huawang announced that by mid October, the cumulative piston should have the function of fast forward and fast backward, and the amount of allowance for falling price losses of listed subsidiaries reached 125.91 million yuan, laying a hidden worry for operating performance. The company's plan to set up factories in China continues. At present, the Guangdong factory has invested 50million yuan. It is expected that the impact of humidity on plastics will be completed by the end of this year or next year, and the Shanghai plan will be finalized before the end of the year

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