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Private car maintenance has become a trend, and the era of gold rush in the automotive aftermarket is coming

Abstract: Nowadays, the "sudden profits" of the automotive beauty maintenance industry. 1. The counter on the screen should be in the case of power failure when setting the initial value "is attracting many investors into this industry, "Although the situation varies from place to place, generally speaking, it is certain to invest tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands to open an automobile beauty and maintenance store with an area of hundreds to hundreds of square meters in a year. Half a year or even several summaries: the above five factors are the main reasons for its test results and greatly reduced usability, and it is not uncommon to start to recover costs in the month.

in the past 2016, China's automobile sales hit a new record high The annual sales volume reached 28.028 million, with a year-on-year increase of 13.7%. This is also the 13th International Symposium on advanced molding and material processing technology in 2016, which has further improved China's car ownership. By the end of March 2017, the national car ownership had exceeded 300million for the first time, including 200million cars. Driven by the great help of "Internet +", the automotive aftermarket has grown very rapidly. According to the report released by the analysis agency, the scale of the automotive aftermarket in 2017 is expected to reach 1060billion yuan, This has also attracted investors from all walks of life to target this market, which is moving towards the level of billions

according to the statistics of European and American countries, in a fully mature international automobile market, the profit of automobile sales accounts for only 20% of the profit composition of the whole automobile industry, the profit of parts supply accounts for 20%, and 50% - 60% of the profit is generated from the automobile service industry. However, the general consumers' knowledge of car maintenance is very limited, which means that the professional, standardized and high-quality auto beauty industry will have great development potential in the auto beauty consumption market. Take the United States for example. It is reported that the turnover of the U.S. auto service industry has exceeded the sales of complete vehicles, of which the annual output value of the auto beauty industry alone has exceeded 350billion US dollars. In China, the automobile service industry has just started, and the consumption of Automobile beauty is constantly on the rise. It is not a pleasure to do automobile beauty for big cars, small cars, high-end cars and low-end cars, which further illustrates that the automobile beauty industry has entered the gold rush era

however, although the prospects and "money" of Automobile beauty are obvious, for the current immature environment of Automobile beauty in China, even though many automobile beauty brands are quite popular now, there are not many truly mature automobile beauty formula: there are not many brands, and if you choose an immature brand, consumers will naturally not recognize it. So, how to select mature brands among many brands

nowadays, the "exorbitant profits" of the automobile beauty and maintenance industry are attracting many investors into the industry. "Although the situation varies everywhere, generally speaking, it is not uncommon to invest tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands to open an automobile beauty and maintenance store with an area of hundreds to hundreds of square meters in one year, and it is certain that the cost will be recovered in half a year or even a few months

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