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China's private capital is entering the packaging and printing industry on a large scale. At present, entrepreneurs are ambitiously preparing to build a large-scale Asian packaging center

the overall planning of the Asian packaging center located in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province has been completed recently, and the work of attracting investment is about to begin. Jin Xiangzuo, vice president of China Packaging Technology Association, said recently that he hoped to build a platform for China's packaging industry to integrate into economic globalization and strengthen joint ventures and cooperation between domestic and international packaging enterprises worldwide

the construction funds of the Asian packaging center will be raised through the market and attract foreign investment. The preliminary plan is to establish an Asian Packaging Co., Ltd. with a share capital of 1billion yuan, which has been expressed by investors

the production base of Yabao center will be located in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. Wenzhou municipal government departments are planning to build a 10 square kilometer International Packaging Industrial Park in Wenzhou that will attract investment from all over the world, with an investment of 22billion yuan, which will be completed in six to eight years. Wenzhou has less land and more people, and its land resources are very valuable. However, the government has included the project in the overall planning of urban development in the 21st century

Wenzhou people are famous for their entrepreneurial spirit. There are more than 10000 private packaging enterprises in Wenzhou, which is the hometown of packaging and printing in China. The total annual output value of the packaging industry is as high as 18billion yuan

but at present, Shanghai is the most developed city in China's packaging and printing industry. As China's largest commercial city and an international government level metropolis, Shanghai's packaging and printing industry had an output value of 18.7 billion yuan in 2001, ranking first among major cities in China, but they were scattered among more than 2600 enterprises

"after joining the WTO, a large number of foreign packaging enterprises will enter China, which will bring great challenges to China's packaging industry, which is fragmented, fragmented and separated from production and marketing." Li Xiaohang, the managing director of Shanghai Packaging Technology Association, said, "therefore, the emergence of a comprehensive industrial base and business center that integrates production and marketing and communicates packaging and printing at home and abroad has become an urgent need for Shanghai's packaging and printing industry."

in order to meet this demand, a Shanghai International Packaging City project, covering an area of 600 mu and with a total investment of 800million yuan, integrating scientific research patent incubation, packaging logistics, e-commerce and other functions, has officially started construction in March

Qian Chengxi, a private entrepreneur who invested in this project, is also from Wenzhou. Now it is Shanghai jin'ao Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. organic materials. Most of the organic linings used now are composites of materials such as fiber or cellulose into organic resins. Qian Chengxi, chairman of the company, said he believed that "in the next 10 years, the output value of China's packaging industry will double again and become one of the fastest growing industries"

statistics show that China's packaging industry has shown a trend of rapid development in the past 10 years. The annual total output value of the packaging and printing industry is about 402billion yuan. The people's fund plans to invest 300million yuan, and the average annual growth rate is 18%. At present, among the 40 major industries that have further improved the level of manufacturing technology and overall strength of the national economy, the packaging and printing industry has risen to 12th place, belonging to the "sunrise industry"

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