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Excessive packaging will turn against extremes. China's packaging market urgently needs to be rectified.

packaging is a face for brands. A good packaging design can achieve extraordinary results, make people moved and establish the image of the product, so as to achieve the purpose of sales

nowadays, in order to make huge profits, some illegal manufacturers and merchants do not hesitate to do tricks on the packaging, so that the cost of commodity packaging is much higher than the production cost of the commodity itself. Relying on "selling a piece of skin" makes consumers spend more money unjustly. According to the newspaper, a man bought a box of health care products in luxurious packaging, but after opening the very beautiful and atmospheric plastic film and carton, he found that there was a large piece of foam inside, and there were three grooves on the foam, with a small box embedded in each groove. Open the small boxes, and each box contains half a box of tablets the size of a shirt button, including 24 tablets in one box and 72 tablets in three boxes. Pour out these 72 drugs, just a little more. Not to mention the effect of this medicine after taking, this large and useless package alone gives people a feeling of being cheated

according to the author's observation, it is necessary to report the results obtained at present. The goods with exquisite packaging and excessive packaging in shopping malls (supermarkets) are particularly eye-catching on the shelves. This phenomenon of "selling goods with one skin" is particularly prominent, especially in health products, wine, candy and food. As everyone knows, excessive packaging does more harm: it damages the interests of consumers. For example, "a piece of moon cake is worth 100 yuan, a box of 1000 yuan, and the moon cake box has changed from a single carton to a plastic box, an alloy box, a bamboo box, a brocade box, and a lacquer box". If there is still something you don't know about the production, the design is also quite comparable, and you should strive to be superior. In the "moon cake war" of the Mid Autumn Festival a few years ago. The cost of moon cakes, packaging and accessories produced by a Sino foreign joint venture food company accounted for 70% of the total cost! And the value of this exquisite packaging should be added to consumers, one of them. Second, it wastes resources and pollutes the environment. Relevant information shows that among the 1.32 million tons of garbage generated in Wuhan every year, the packaging of various commodities is at least 230000 tons. If excessive packaging is reduced, the garbage can be reduced by 20% a year. Third, it encourages unfair competition. Some manufacturers do not rely on commodity quality to occupy the market, but rely on packaging to transform the coal-fired furnace of the plastic granulator system, which has become an important issue to be solved urgently to please consumers. As a result, some commodities are "beyond the gold and jade, and in the middle of it is the corruption". Due to the exquisite packaging, many people can't be opened in shopping malls (supermarkets), so they are deceived

the purpose of packaging is to protect goods from damage and facilitate transportation, storage and consumers to carry. On this basis, a little more elegant can increase "selling points", which can play the role of advertising and be conducive to the sales of goods. Proper packaging is undoubtedly necessary and beneficial. However, the products of some manufacturers "dominate the pack", increasing the burden on consumers, and stepping into another misunderstanding. It is not only contrary to the laws and regulations of the law of the people's Republic of China on the protection of consumers' rights and interests, but also an infringement of consumers' legitimate rights and interests from the perspective of fair trade and the protection of consumers' legitimate rights and interests, causing consumers to complain and have great opinions

the most important criterion for choosing goods is that they are genuine and worth their money. In view of this, the author hopes that when manufacturers provide consumers with high-quality products, they should follow the trend, make the packaging follow the principles of saving resources and purifying the environment, and develop the style in the direction of simplicity, clarity and individuality, so that consumers can spend less money. After all, consumers buy goods, not packaging. Shops in some developed countries in the world regard consumers as "God" who wants what consumers want and what they need. They take the initiative to ask consumers whether the goods they buy are for gifts or for their own consumption. If they consume by themselves, the packaging of merchants should be as simple as possible to reduce the burden on consumers. Their practices are quite worthy of learning and reference by businesses all over the country. Similarly, remind consumers to change their consumption concept, and do not abandon the basics - buy goods, not packaging. It has become the consensus of developed countries to restrict excessive packaging through legislation. According to the data, the general product packaging cost accounts for about 10% of the cost, and the packaging cost accounts for more than 30% of the product cost is fraud. Based on the fact that China has no clear provisions to restrict the excessive packaging of products, we should learn from the experience of developed countries, standardize and restrict the quality, material and volume of commodity packaging as soon as possible, and introduce a law to restrict excessive packaging as soon as possible, which should be put on the agenda of relevant departments

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