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Baijiu with novel packaging and unique taste can be fashionable.

on August 1, Wuliangye plain sailing wine 05 and golden list wine held a grand new product launch on the beautiful West Lake. Although this was a new product launch and investment promotion meeting that seemed to be very common in the Baijiu industry, it attracted the attention of many participants because of its novel packaging, unique taste and romantic form of expression, especially some "big brother" dealers. At the press conference, "fashion" became the word most frequently mentioned by the participants. The "tradition" and "modern" of Baijiu were harmoniously integrated. People suddenly found that the dream of constantly trying to make Baijiu fashionable could be truly realized

fashionable Baijiu is the need of the development of the times. In recent years, Baijiu has been shrinking, while the sales of foreign wine in China have been rising. Take Chengdu as an example. At present, Chengdu medium-sized and above liquors have made great progress in the implementation of intellectual property strategy, innovation encouragement, achievement protection, information utilization, etc. in recent years, there are more than 2000 entertainment places such as bar, disco, KTV, etc. these places are almost monopolized by foreign liquors, and the monthly sales of foreign liquors are about 50million yuan. Baijiu can't stand in these places at all

the main reason for this situation is the huge difference between Baijiu and foreign wine in terms of fashion and internationalization. As more and more young and middle-aged consumers are keen to pursue fashionable consumption experience, spiritual pleasure and full publicity of personality have become their main consumption needs. However, what Baijiu brings to them is mostly the appeal of history and the description of technology, which can rarely meet their real needs

in fact, for people who drink alcohol, psychological feelings are the first, that is, what we often call spiritual effects. In today's developed economy and fierce competition, this should become the main demand of products (especially new products), otherwise it will be considered by the small panel control system of various manufacturers as a product without personality and attractiveness

therefore, when Baijiu is facing the practical problem of aging consumers, enterprises should consider how to combine the positioning, connotation and brand construction of products with mainstream consumer groups, so as to make products keep pace with the times, integrate traditional Baijiu culture with modern fashion culture, and lead the consumption trend

it is an indisputable fact that fashionable Baijiu is a personalized Baijiu. Product homogenization is an indisputable fact. Without difference, of course, there is no advantage. If perfume is compared to women's highly personalized fashion choice, Baijiu should also become a symbol of men's individuality. So, is there a Baijiu that can still exude lasting personality charm after the washing of time like Chanel No. 5? Can Jinbang Title famous liquor be achieved? This needs to be measured from the following three aspects

the first is the product itself. Of course, the product quality and quality of Jinbang Title famous liquor need not be mentioned. The combination with Wuliangye, the king of Chinese liquor industry, is derived from Wuliangye's brand advantages, technical advantages and quality advantages. On this basis, the wine named on the golden list injects more content into the product. For example, the super rose is added to the raw materials to integrate the wine fragrance and flower fragrance. When drinking, the faint fragrance gives people infinite reverie; The design of the bottle is elegant, and the streamlined shape is very artistic. The fashionable coffee logs packed outside are natural and primitive, and everywhere reflect the ingenuity of famous Italian and French teachers... These contents are all related to fashion, transforming the traditional Baijiu from the inside out. Gao Jingyan, a famous Baijiu expert, believes that Jinbang famous liquor is an innovation in Chinese brewing technology, which meets the fashion needs of consumers

the second is the form of expression. Fashion products bring people a sense of psychological satisfaction, a sense of physical and mental comfort. Many people think that only the tasting of foreign wine can bring romance and fashion. The trip to Hangzhou, which was named on the golden list, also made peers in the industry feel the romance and fashion brought by Baijiu. When the beautiful miss Hangzhou presented the wine in front of the guests, the breath of youth also came to her face; When human body painting first appeared in the Baijiu exhibition, people found that there are so many elements in the expression form of Baijiu; When the lingering duet perfectly presents the brand connotation of Yin-Yang harmony and harmony of the golden list title, the feeling of fashion has firmly occupied everyone's heart at the scene

finally, promotion and communication. Specific products are aimed at special consumer groups. Fashion bars, KTVs, high-end clubs and new concept restaurants, which have always been the territory of foreign wine, will become new channels for the golden list. In terms of the dissemination of product information, the golden list takes fashion boutique magazines as the main carrier of dissemination. If TV is aimed at communication, fashion magazines are aimed at communication. Since the readers of fashion boutique magazines are the target consumer groups of the gold list, this "precision guidance" approach can achieve the most revenue from advertising. The testing force of the double column tensile testing machine is much larger than that of the single column tensile testing machine, and it can realize the fashion of the brand image

fashion Baijiu is a systematic project. The fashion of Baijiu is not simply to change the taste, appearance design and channel of Baijiu, but a systematic project. In this system engineering, the most important thing is to change consumers' consumption consciousness, otherwise no matter how exquisite the design is, it cannot realize the transformation to commodities. In fact, the fashion of Baijiu has been put forward for a long time, but there are few really successful ones. The reason is very simple, the operation is difficult, the operation time is long, and the effect is slow. Therefore, the author believes that the following aspects of work are indispensable for the operation of fashionable Baijiu

first, it takes time to change the consumption concept, which requires enterprises to continuously invest in communication for a long time, which requires not only brand operators to have confidence, but also to be prepared to fight a protracted war, otherwise the previous achievements may be wasted. Therefore, making fashionable Baijiu must have sufficient financial strength

second, you only need one injection molding machine and one rim system to change the consumption mode. The drinking method of "foreign wine + green tea" has greatly increased the consumption of foreign wine and become the first choice of fashionable people in entertainment places. How to drink fashionable Baijiu to win the hearts of young and middle-aged consumers is a key issue that operators should consider

third, the taste, strength and packaging of products should meet the requirements of target consumer groups, and we should consider how to continue this style and how to innovate in the future development. Fashionable Baijiu is a further subdivision of Baijiu consumption, which aims to meet some consumer groups. It should be said that Jinbang famous liquor has a unique business vision to vigorously create fashionable Baijiu, because traditional Baijiu really needs various elements to be injected, so as to conform to the pace of the times. On the other hand, high-end Baijiu is increasing, but the consumption channels of Baijiu are limited after all. Seeking new sales channels and avoiding cruel competition in store entry fees, promotion fees, publicity fees and so on should be said to be a gratifying step in channel innovation

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