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Packaging: not just composition and color

what is the most important for a good designer? Is it in the design? Or the feeling of color matching? In the eyes of many people, "design" is a "function word". However, in the view of heyaxin, the design director of Chongqing Tiantu packaging design office, design is by no means empty, but a carrier that actually creates wealth for customers

the best design can be made only by combining with the market

different from the simple "design" of most packaging design companies, Chongqing Tiantu closely combines packaging design with customers' market operation. Heyaxin seriously told that the designers of Tiantu would conduct research in three aspects before packaging design. The first is the target market positioning of products, and the product price positioning is closely related to the positioning of packaging design; The second is the analysis of the target consumer groups. The preferences of the consumer groups of products are directly related to the popularity of product packaging; The third is the analysis of similar products, which also includes two aspects: one is the analysis of competitors' packaging, and the other is the analysis of the success of front-line similar products' packaging. Try to develop strengths and avoid weaknesses in the design, and make works that are closest to the market

create real wealth for customers

with advanced design concepts and a serious and responsible attitude towards customers, almost all design projects that participate in the bidding can be won one by one, and the designed works can be recognized by customers, and even constantly surprise customers. In the first half of this year, Tiantu created a miracle by designing its own product packaging for Chongqing's famous seasoning products. Tiantu changed the simple pattern packaging of traditional condiments, but created a concept for the product, and put forward the cultural tone of "I love my family". After seeing the new packaging, the dealers couldn't put it down, and took the initiative to pay a guarantee of 20000 yuan for the first batch of goods. Later, the competition between dealers became more intense, and some dealers were in the process of troubleshooting To ensure the good operation of the machine, it also reduces the pressure and suppresses it into dense composite rods in the hot shrinkage mold. The material consumption is increased to 30000, so as to ensure its rights and interests to get the first batch of goods. This phenomenon makes the manufacturer overjoyed and Tiantu proud. President Zhang of Chongqing zijialu condiment Co., Ltd. told that the packaging designed by Tiantu really made dealers more interested in products. After changing the packaging, the sales volume of zijialu condiment has increased significantly than before. In the future, zijialu will maintain a long-term cooperative relationship with Tiantu

heyaxin said that Chinese food has a deep cultural foundation, and these cultures are vividly displayed on the packaging, which has a strong attraction for consumers. Chongqing's hot pot seasonings and other condiments are very famous, but at present, the packaging of hot pot seasonings on the market is very single, usually a large basin filled with dishes, which is actually not conducive to the promotion of hot pot culture. When designing the packaging for "bayuhong" hotpot seasoning, Tiantu fully grasped the essence of hotpot culture, combined hotpot culture with Bayu culture, took Chongqing's ancient stilted building and auditorium as design elements, and extended the packaging series of the product, subdivided bayuhong brand into spicy red, Chongqing red, jiqinghong and other series, which are respectively suitable for the needs of different consumer groups, Spicy red is mainly aimed at customers with taste needs; Chongqing red mainly highlights regional cultural characteristics; And jiqinghong is helpful to develop the festival market. Now I'll tell you what can't be done. The manufacturer should have thought about it, but Tiantu thought it so thoroughly. No wonder more and more manufacturers like to cooperate with Tiantu

nowadays, there are many packaging design companies in the market, and it is not easy to cut off their exposure. With its differentiated design concept and customer-oriented service awareness, Tiantu has built its own world, and is getting better and better on the road of design. He Yaxin's words rang out in his ears again: packaging design is not just composition and color

(Huang Xiao) reprinted from: sugar and wine Express

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