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Packaging is still a big business opportunity in the digital printing market

our previous definition of packaging is: all operational activities of designing and producing containers for realizing the value of products. Name the goods through packaging, describe the goods, protect the goods and keep them clean. In addition, it is also helpful to display the goods and promote sales. Now, in addition to bringing various benefits to commodities, packaging is also a major business opportunity in the digital printing market

more and more printing enterprises have begun to enter the packaging industry. Many of them have joined the field of digital packaging and have high hopes for this emerging digital printing system. At the same time, they have not forgotten to evaluate and invest in it

the market keeps growing

although the current economic situation is not optimistic, the packaging industry still provides huge business opportunities for the printing market, because basically all goods on sale need packaging. For now, digital technology is a more economical choice. In January, 2010, Yingchuan company of the United States conducted an investigation on the color digital printing technology of packaging and labels. In this survey, Yingchuan company concluded that they predicted that the compound annual growth of digital packaging would exceed 15% from 2014. The proportion of folding cartons and flexible packaging is relatively small, and the revenue shows a CAGR of 23.2% and 19.8% respectively

according to the survey report of smitherspira, the global market value of digital printing, packaging and labeling industry reached US $4.8 billion in 2011. By 2016, this figure is expected to be close to US $12.2 billion, with a five-year compound annual growth rate of 20.6%. It is equivalent to 37 billion prints of A4 size paper produced in 2011 and 75.9 billion prints in 2016

equipment manufacturers provide opportunities for the commercial field

in the commercial printing field, digital printing products have begun to expand, but they are not applied in all packaging and label markets, so the application level is relatively low. The economic operation cost of short edition, the proven high quality, the characteristics of on-demand printing, the advantages of personalized printing, and the connection with post press have all been proved to be a strong impetus to the needs of packaging customers

the reasons why many large packaging box manufacturers are unwilling to adopt digital printing technology include: the cost of equipment and consumables, the disadvantages in format and productivity compared with traditional printing machines, and the shortage of post press equipment and special packaging functions

at present, some brand suppliers or retailers are trying their best to increase the supply chain by reducing costs and improving speed, and all brands are exploring new ways to attract customers. The best way for packaging suppliers to measure is whether they can attract the attention of sellers. People have carried out a lot of theoretical and Experimental Research on screws to make a decision to purchase at a low price. Digital printing products have high adaptability in this regard. For example, special packaging or labels used in the field of pharmaceutical packaging are being widely promoted, which provides an opportunity for many equipment manufacturers to support Beijing, Jiangsu, Ningbo, Shenzhen and other places to take the lead in building provincial graphene manufacturing innovation centers to open the packaging market

notes on digital packaging and printing equipment


hp indigo 20000 is specifically aimed at the field of flexible packaging and labels, while HP indigo 30000 is mainly aimed at the market demand of folding cartons. Both printing machines use 7-color printing engines and are equipped with wired glazing units. HP indigo 20000 digital printer adopts the drum feeding method, and the printing width is 76.2cm (30in). It uses a special opaque white. At the same time, it cooperates with Esko artwork and uses the latter's workflow software to manage variable data and printing colors


Kodak prosper S30 overprint system S30 overprint system has the highest speed of 3000 feet/minute in the industry and provides 600 200dpi output. It is very suitable for mixed printing, such as direct mail, inserts, games, advertisements, packaging labels, etc. Axel Springer newspaper printing center near Hamburg, Germany is testing the use of Kodak zenith prosper S30 overprint system. Kodak and Manroland, a printer manufacturer, participated in the project


as a new member of Ricoh (China) production-based digital printing system, Ricoh Pro C901 is the first color model. Because of its 90 page/minute printing speed, 1200dpi, 1200dpi image resolution, 60 ~ 300g/m2 paper weight and A5 ~ 330.2 487.7mm paper adaptability, a variety of options and rich EFI printing solutions, it fully meets the various needs of business on-demand printing


efi jetrion 4900 adopts the same inkjet head and inkjet printing ink as jetrion 4830, which can realize 5-color printing (cmyk+ white), and is equipped with SEI laser die cutting device online. The maximum width of the printing material is 229mm, and the maximum imaging width is 210mm. The maximum speed of 5-color printing can reach 70 feet/minute, and 120 feet/minute in high-speed printing mode. At this session of drupa, EFI also showed the new functions of jetrion 4900: enhanced image quality, increased range of substrate materials, and new simple post-processing options


as Fujifilm's first inkjet digital printer with experience in mixing and utilizing films, jet press 720 adopts Samba single channel nozzle technology, silicon piezoelectric on-demand inkjet technology, and a new water-based ink formula and rapid solidification technology (rapic). Each inkjet unit has 17 inkjet heads, and each inkjet head has 2048 inkjet nozzles, It can present four levels of gray scale with 1200dpi and 1200dpi accuracy on B2 format at high speed. Because it can present a wide color gamut image, and even if the nozzle is blocked, it will not affect the printing effect. Therefore, it also has a larger performance and powerful user interface in the field of commercial printing with the highest quality requirements

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