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In 2012, packaging listed companies had mixed feelings

in 2012, packaging and printing enterprises had mixed feelings. The joy is that the consumer market has increased steadily, and the worry is that corporate profits have fallen sharply. Liquor packaging enterprises have obviously benefited from the rapid growth of the liquor market, the profit contraction of cigarette label enterprises has increased, and paper packaging and printing enterprises are subject to the growth of raw material costs and labor costs, making their profits even thinner. Powerful enterprises continue to expand by extension, and mergers and acquisitions are advancing steadily

cigarette label leading Jinjia shares: acquisition and increase of holding tickets

study the 2012 announcement of Shenzhen Jinjia Color Printing Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jinjia shares), a leading enterprise in China's cigarette label industry, and come to the conclusion that acquisition and increase of holding is the company's main strategy this year. Being fined 400000 yuan by the China Securities Regulatory Commission is to pay for the Oolong incident in 2009

Jinjia shares acquired 30% equity of Qingdao Jiaze and 49% equity of Jiangsu Shuntai for 380million yuan this year, completing the layout of extending the service life in Shandong, Jiangsu and other places. On December 30 last year, it bought 75% equity of Chongqing Hongsheng with 285 million yuan. This year, it is fitting to set up a company to build the largest packaging material base in Guizhou, and it is also gradually expanding towards the southwest. At present, the company has a high market share in Guizhou, Sichuan, Yunnan and other provinces

such extensive expansion shows the company's confidence in future development. Since this year, Jinjia venture capital, the controlling shareholder of the company, has increased its holdings frequently, with a total of 6.489 million shares from January 6 to September 26. According to the data, last year, the total sales volume and total sales volume of Jinjia cigarette label Co., Ltd. still ranked first in the cigarette label industry. In the first half of this year, it achieved a net profit of 235 million yuan, an increase of 23% year-on-year

Lipeng Co., Ltd., a liquor packaging enterprise: benefited from the rapid growth of the Baijiu market

Shandong Lipeng Co., Ltd., the largest Baijiu bottle cap manufacturer in China, increased its net profit by more than 26 times year-on-year in the first three quarters of this year, significantly benefiting from the rapid growth of the Baijiu market. In addition, the company's development in the wine bottle cap Market is progressing smoothly, and its future operating revenue is expected to maintain stable and rapid growth

it is understood that the company has seven production bases, so it basically covers the main Baijiu production areas in the country. Its main products include combined anti-counterfeiting bottle caps, aluminum anti-counterfeiting bottle caps, composite anti-counterfeiting printed aluminum plates, etc. the vast majority of customers of bottle cap products are Baijiu production enterprises, including many well-known customers such as Luzhou Laojiao, gujinggong, Yilite, etc. It is one of the main drafting units of China's anti-counterfeiting bottle cap industry standards

cosmetics packaging enterprise TONGCHAN Lixing: revenue growth and profit decline

Shenzhen TONGCHAN Lixing Co., Ltd., which is mainly engaged in cosmetics packaging business, has products covering more than 85% of the international first-line cosmetics brands. Affected by rising labor costs, high three expenses and capacity expansion, the operating revenue in the first three quarters of this year was 789 million yuan, an increase of 20.47% year-on-year; The net profit was 55 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 28.75%

Zijiang enterprise, a beverage packaging enterprise: the profit in the first three quarters fell by 57% year-on-year

Shanghai Zijiang Enterprise Group Co., Ltd., which has always been developing steadily, has encountered a sharp decline in profits this year. The company achieved an operating revenue of 6.291 billion yuan in the first three quarters, a slight decrease of 0.2% year-on-year; The net profit was 218 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 56.9%

in the first half of the year, the operating revenue was 4.006 billion yuan, a slight decrease of 2.24% over the same period last year; The net profit was 169 million yuan, a decrease of 47. 7% over the same period last year It is also the first 3D printable medical material developed in Korea, with 14%

among the listed packaging companies, Zijiang enterprise is one of the enterprises with a large margin of profit decline. The reasons are: first, the operating rate is insufficient, resulting in higher fixed depreciation and amortization, which suppresses the company's gross profit margin; Second, the main beverage business declined slightly, and the growth rate of the downstream soft drink industry slowed down; Third, real estate and investment income fell sharply year-on-year

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