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Packaging machinery has become a "new guarantee" for food safety

"food is the priority of the people". The food industry has driven the development of many industries, among which the packaging industry has benefited a lot. From packaging design to physical packaging, packaging machinery has played a very important role, and the value of food packaging machinery in ensuring food safety has become increasingly prominent

in 2015, the output of special packaging equipment in China decreased, which reflects the changing demand of the whole packaging equipment market. Under such a background, the market of food packaging machinery industry shows a relatively good development trend. From the following sets of data, we can see one or two

2015, from the statistical output of major products, the cumulative output of China's special packaging equipment was 100507, with a cumulative year-on-year decrease of 2.01%

in December 2015, the food packaging machinery industry achieved an export delivery value of 777 million yuan, an increase of 13.51% year-on-year and 27.94% month on month

2015, the food packaging machinery industry has achieved export delivery. If the rotation resistance decreases by 30%, the value of goods is 7.131 billion yuan, with a cumulative year-on-year increase of 1.2%

"food is the most important thing for the people". The food industry is a cornucopia, which has driven the development of many industries, including the packaging industry. From packaging design to physical packaging, packaging machinery has played a very important role, and the value of food packaging machinery in ensuring food safety has become increasingly prominent

at present, the pretreatment equipment of domestic drinking water, carbonated beverages and tea beverages can basically meet the needs. Medium and low speed bottle sorting and packing equipment also have matching products to choose from. In terms of hot filling machines, hot filling is still the most important production and filling technology of tea and fruit juice beverages. Domestic dairy enterprises basically choose cheap domestic equipment for pretreatment, while most of the key processes such as packaging materials, filling, inkjet and so on use imported equipment. At present, the carton packaging industry has developed from medium and low level to high level, and the development momentum is very fast

liquid food packaging machinery is mainly used in the production and packaging of liquid food such as beverages, alcohol, edible oil and condiments. Generally, a macro-control and market conditioning mechanism is established, which is represented by a whole production line, consisting of pre-treatment, water treatment, bottle blowing, filling, transportation, secondary packaging and other mechanical equipment. Today's filling machinery, especially beverage, beer filling machinery and food packaging machinery, has the characteristics of high speed, complete set, high degree of automation and good reliability. It is also the development trend of the current filling machinery industry. With multiple functions, the same equipment can be used for hot filling of tea drinks, coffee drinks, soymilk drinks, fruit juice drinks and other beverages, as well as filling of glass bottles and polyester bottles

among all kinds of packaging, vacuum packaging is the most common and safest packaging in the food industry. It has the advantages of compression resistance, shatterproof, gas barrier, fresh preservation, keeping food dry and so on. Food vacuum machine is a kind of mechanical equipment to complete vacuum packaging. It is convenient for vacuum packaging of food, can greatly extend the shelf life of food, and plays a great role in promoting and promoting the better circulation of food to the market. The emergence of food vacuum machine has solved many problems for the food industry. For food vacuum machines, they have significant advantages in vacuum packaging, which makes a safe diaphragm between the product and the outside world. For each tls-s10001 of the outside world, the compression (pull) of the compression (or tension) spring can be set to high (length) or compression (tension) deformation. All kinds of gases have a good isolation effect on the oxidation of products

liquid food packaging machinery and food vacuum machine are quite "favored" in the field of food packaging market. The indispensable and rapid development of the food industry also shows people the broad development prospects of the food packaging machinery industry. The road ahead is promising and tortuous. At present, there are still three major problems to be solved in the development of domestic food packaging machinery: product quality problems, insufficient scientific research and innovation ability, and low degree of automation

quality? Innovation? Or automation? In the final analysis, technology and talents are indispensable

"science and technology are the primary productive forces" will never be out of date. Science and technology are more brilliant today than ever in the information age. With our own technology, we have the key to open new markets. At present, industrial production is becoming more and more mechanized, and intellectualization is a major trend of mechanical development. Therefore, intellectualization of packaging machinery is also a general trend, which of course cannot be separated from new technology. At the same time, with new technology, it is possible to develop new products. Of course, if enterprises achieve these goals, they need to establish their own technology research and development team. Is it independent research and development? Or introduce foreign aid? How much is the capital input budget? And is rising. How big is it? What is the research and development direction? If it is to be implemented, these are all issues that need to be considered. In addition, the thematic plan of forming words is particularly important

cultivating talents is the key. If the enterprise has the conditions, it is necessary to cultivate talents. With talents, it is possible to develop new technologies and products. In addition, talents can also play an important role in ensuring the progress of production processes, reducing errors, accelerating progress and improving quality. In addition to sending key employees abroad to participate in technical learning, internal talent lectures are also a way out for printing enterprises to cultivate talents. In fact, in our country, "mentoring" is very popular in all walks of life. "Master with apprentice" enables talents to cultivate talents, so as to improve the production knowledge level of all employees

at present, the development trend of packaging machinery has also been the high efficiency of production, the high utilization of resources, the energy conservation of products, the use of high and new technology and the commercialization of scientific research achievements. The market competition of food packaging machinery is becoming increasingly fierce. High speed, multi-function and intelligent control have become the development direction of food packaging machinery in the future. Are you ready to embark on a new journey of intelligence, environmental protection, low carbon and efficiency, food packaging machinery and equipment enterprises

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