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Packaging: "moderate" and "excessive" two-sided view (1)

"buying and changing pearls" is a widely spread story with philosophical implications. It tells that merchants from the state of Chu come to the state of Zheng to separate and stretch the samples at a certain speed to sell pearls, and put pearls in a box that must be comprehensively considered for energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality. However, Zheng people only buy boxes, which is of good guiding significance to industry management, user selection, statistical monitoring, etc. and the descendants of Zhen Mei take this as a metaphor for those behaviors that have no vision and improper trade-offs. However, in the tide of today's market economy, especially in the packaging industry, we can draw new insights, that is, the packaging of products is extremely important, and people have to admire the clever move of Chu pearl merchants

as the saying goes, "Buddha depends on gold, and people depend on clothes". Therefore, products should rely on appropriate packaging to improve their value. And those who are not familiar with this business, especially those who fall behind in the era of market economy. In the environment of market economy, how to do a good job in product packaging? How to define the "traceability" and excess of packaging? When asked for a while, the note house buzzed, and each said something; Different people have different opinions, and wise people have different opinions. We adopt an open-minded attitude, listen to what everyone says, and brainstorm. If you get honey from flowers, why don't you worry about making a big "packaged" cake with excellent flavor

wine packaging: consumers: if you buy a bottle of wine with 10 yuan, only 4 yuan will drink it, and the other 6 yuan will buy useless bottles, lids and cartons. Of course, it is justifiable that products should rely on packaging, but the packaging should not be excessive. If the packaging of a bottle of wine accounts for 60%, I think this kind of packaging belongs to excessive packaging that deceives consumers

Merchants: as far as this bottle of wine is concerned, it can be said that it is not over packaged, but moderately packaged. There are three reasons: first, this wine is packaged in a specially imported glass bottle in order to keep the original flavor of the wine in the bottle unchanged, and the cost of the wine bottle itself is naturally very high. Second, in order to strengthen the promotion of "wine culture", the creativity of brand and flavor marketing is highlighted on the outer packaging box, which is necessary to establish a brand. Third, the market effect is good. The original old products used very cheap packaging, but it was difficult to arouse consumer interest, and enterprises struggled to turn losses and get out of trouble every year; After the launch of the new packaging, the annual profit exceeded 10million yuan, and a famous brand was created. As the saying goes, "the fragrance of wine is not afraid of the depth of the alley." As long as my wine is fragrant, it will still sell well without packaging. But this is an old saying after all. Nowadays, some famous wine manufacturers also want to package their fine wine magnificently and constantly shout in the media to win consumers

Editor: to oppose excessive packaging is not to say that we don't pay attention to packaging, but not to advocate putting something irrelevant to products and brands into packaging to raise product prices. Successful wine packaging must have a certain cost, but we cannot mislead consumers by spending money on packaging. Replacing luxury packaging with creative packaging and improving excessive packaging with appropriate packaging should be the concept followed by wine packaging

perfume packaging: consumers: perfume bottles are like chicken ribs, which are useless to keep (you can't just deliver perfume money and exchange old bottles for new similar products), but it's a pity to discard them (bottles with different images and exquisite shapes have certain ornamental value). Perfume belongs to luxury goods. Producers seize the beauty loving psychology of consumers and make enough articles on the packaging to raise the price of goods, so as to obtain more profits. This kind of behavior of raising the price of products by packaging is forced to buy and sell. I think this is a typical over packaging

Merchants: the packaging (bottle body) of perfume pursues "otherness", pays attention to innovation, and constantly brings forth the new, so as to attract the favor of consumers and form a group

creativity accounts for a large part of the cost of perfume packaging, resulting in the high cost of packaging. Therefore, it is by no means over packaged. Perfume packaging reflects taste through fashion and culture. How to express the taste, in addition to product advertising and counter display, packaging is a very important link. Proper packaging can not only bring us many innovative uses to directly stimulate consumers' senses, but also express the connotation of the brand incisively and vividly. As a coat of perfume, packaging should not only have the function of holding and convenient use, but also have the function of attracting purchase and guiding consumption. The promotion of perfume is rarely advertised in various media. Therefore, the packaging should be very exquisite, and efforts should be made to promote sales through highly persuasive salesmen

Editor: the competition in the consumer goods market of all countries in the world will largely depend on the competition in packaging quality. The quality of perfume packaging not only includes the quality of packaging materials, but also includes many factors such as whether the packaging design is novel and appropriate, whether the production is fine, and whether it has humanistic care. With the change of people's concept of consumption, good perfume packaging will win a considerable number of consumer groups for businesses that cannot be ignored

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