Tips for purchasing gas chromatograph

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Tips for purchasing gas chromatograph

after nearly a century of development, various chromatographic methods have been widely used in various fields, but the development of various chromatographic modes is uneven. McNair, a famous American chromatograph, believes that gas chromatography may be the most widely used analytical technology in the world, and it is still on the rise. A report estimates that the annual sales of gas chromatography and spare parts in the global market is as high as 1billion US dollars. This is because gas chromatography has high sensitivity, good resolution, fast analysis speed and excellent precision of quantitative analysis. Therefore, the gas chromatography ceremony is one of the most widely used instruments in various scientific research and industrial departments, including those flying in the sky (spacecraft), those running on the ground (air monitoring vehicle) and those swimming under the sea (submarine). Recently, it was reported that the Laoshan Han tomb research also used the gas chromatograph to analyze the gas in the tomb. As for almost half of all scientific laboratories, the gas chromatograph is used, It can be seen that the gas chromatograph has a very wide range of applications. So many companies may continue to buy gas chromatographs. So, what kind of gas chromatographs do you buy to meet your needs? Here are some suggestions for you

1. Shopping on demand, and some people lose

"what you need to buy" seems to be a very simple principle. Everyone knows, but it's up to you to do what you know, because many people also have another "small 99" – "lenient and narrow use", that is, they buy accessories that are not needed for the time being, or even not necessarily needed in the future. Several years ago, when each unit purchased the chromatograph, if the superior allocated funds, it would buy all the accessories, which is actually both wasteful and troublesome. For example, your actual work only needs the thermal conductivity detector and the hydrogen flame ionization detector. However, when ordering the chromatograph, you also bought both the electron capture detector and the flame photometric detector. As a result, there is no need to put the ultrasonic vibration processing technology to sleep in the warehouse. So we should only buy what detectors and accessories we need. This is not only on-demand shopping, but also missing. If you buy a new accessory with better performance when you need it, it will be economical and affordable. Especially now, various instruments are developing very fast, new functions are increasing, and existing functions are improving. So you should buy what you need at that time, and you should buy the nine accessories that you didn't need at that time

II. Tailor your clothes according to your body and act according to your ability

at present, many domestic manufacturers of gas chromatographs have medium and high-grade, medium and low-grade products. The book recommended products for domestic scientific instruments published in 2002 lists a variety of gas chromatographs for analysis. Most of these gas chromatographs from different manufacturers have many years of production experience, and the general price is about 20000 to 80000 yuan. If you are teaching and general routine testing, these domestic gas chromatographs should be able to meet the requirements. If you are cooperating with the routine analysis of production, you can choose a single detector gas chromatograph with only one detector, such as a gas chromatograph with only a thermal conductivity detector or only an electron capture detector, which can play its greater effectiveness

of course, due to the needs of work, such as the need for high sensitivity and high reproduction, the amount of aluminum alloy will be second only to the analysis and process control of steel properties and high reliability, such as the need for electronic pressure control, automatic sampler, large volume sampling, and the production line running without shutdown for many years. At the same time, with financial support, foreign high-grade gas chromatographs can be selected. At present, several famous manufacturers of gas chromatographs in the world have sales organizations in China. With their similar levels and characteristics, each has its own advantages. As for which one to choose and which model, you need to spend some time to check

III. investigation and research, knowing well

before purchasing the gas chromatograph, some investigation and research should be done, including the investigation of the time, market and object for operating the experimental machine. The data can be investigated through some manuals and series (such as the manual of analytical instruments edited by zhuliangqiyi, etc., and the manual of analytical chemistry, Volume 5: gas chromatography edited by lihaochun, and the relevant volumes of the chromatographic technology series edited by furuonong, etc.). You can also learn about the latest introduction of relevant manufacturers through the professional instrument portal. Foreign manufacturers can also learn about their latest products and features through their Internet stations

market research is to go directly to relevant manufacturers for further detailed investigation on the basis of data investigation to understand their performance, characteristics and price, and to know some users who have used the product, so that you can go to these users for further investigation and understand the characteristics, applicability and problems of the instrument from the perspective of practical analysis

the investigation of the object includes the object using the instrument, such as the user of the product mentioned above. The other object is the object you want to do research and analysis. For example, you mainly do the analysis of organic matter in water. It is necessary for you to understand some units and literature currently engaged in this work and see the status of the gas chromatograph used for this work. After doing this research, you will know well if you want to buy a gas chromatograph

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