Tips for purchasing laser printer toner cartridges

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Tips for purchasing laser printer toner cartridges

do you want to buy a good and cheap toner cartridge? Do you always think your printing cost is too high? This time, I will introduce to you how to select the toner cartridge of the laser printer, so as to save the printing cost more effectively. When the results obtained are more likely to be related to the fundamental tearing ability of the data, some purchasing skills will be added, such as the identification of the quality of the toner cartridge, etc. I hope this article can help users who choose to buy toner cartridges. Let me introduce the toner cartridge to you first

selenium drum is also called photosensitive drum by professionals. It is the most critical and important component of laser printer. Its quality directly affects the print quality of documents. Since about 70% of the key technologies in the whole printing process are concentrated on the selenium drum, the technical content of the selenium drum plays a decisive role in ensuring the stable print output quality. At present, there are mainly the following kinds of toner cartridges on the market for users to replace: original toner cartridges, general toner cartridges (also known as compatible toner cartridges) and refilled toner cartridges. However, when you buy them, you can find that the sales merchants of these three kinds of toner cartridges have their own advantages. They are all trying to boast about the advantages of these products, which makes many friends unable to start with the choice. Moreover, some consumable stores have a wide range of toner cartridges, which are mixed with many things. It is difficult to distinguish who is right and who is wrong. This leads to the topic for discussion today: which or how to choose the toner cartridge is the most wise? How to tell the true from the false

basically, when purchasing genuine and fake toner cartridges, the identification methods for each brand are the same

it can be said that the process of selecting and purchasing toner cartridges is actually the process of distinguishing between true and false toner cartridges. Because the price of original toner cartridges is expensive, there are huge profits for counterfeiters. Therefore, some illegal traders add recycled old toner cartridges to carbon powder and then put them in the original packaging. After that, they sell them at a price that is almost the same as that of the original factory, with a significant environmental benefit of 10 points, making a lot of profits. The carbon powder quality of these products is not high. Generally, the printing quality is poor. It is easy to overlap and accumulate ink in the printer, causing adverse effects on the photosensitive drum and the printer

every time you get a toner cartridge product. First of all, we should carefully observe its packaging. You will find that the outer packaging of the original selenium drum is usually beautifully printed with bright colors, and the serial number on the back is printed with special technology. When you look carefully, there will be a rectangular offset frame on the background of the serial number, while the serial number of the counterfeit product has no trace of such offset printing, and the counterfeit product is generally dark in color, the printing image is fuzzy, and the quality is rough, which is very different from the genuine outer packaging printing

made up for the blank in this field in Anhui Province. The next step is to observe the inner packaging of the selenium drum. Generally, the inner packaging of selenium drum is black or silver electrostatic packaging bag. The electrostatic packaging bag of the original product is thick but not fragile. The surface is bright and clean without contamination. The sealing at both ends is neat and continuous without resealing, sealing or different sizes on both sides of the sealing. The electrostatic packaging bag of counterfeit selenium drum is thin and fragile, and the whole packaging surface is not smooth enough. Some will have rubbed or unclean marks. Many counterfeit products have the problem of continued sealing and resealing at the sealing. Next, when we open the electrostatic packaging bag to get the toner cartridge product, the original toner cartridge is generally pasted with the product name label in a more obvious place, with clear words and uniform color. The pins and screws on both sides of the selenium drum are closely combined with the selenium drum, and there is no trace of prying or screwing

the color of the photosensitive drum of the original selenium drum is generally gray blue or light brown, and the surface is extremely smooth without any scratches. The white gear is bright and clean without stains. The counterfeit toner cartridge does not have the product label mentioned above or there are labels but the handwriting is fuzzy and the color is uneven, and the screws at the disassembly of the counterfeit toner cartridge generally have no traces of paint sealing. The pins on both sides of the drum have been screwed or pried, and the surface of the drum roll has small black stripes. The surface of the photosensitive drum is rough and unsmooth, with slight scratches, and the gear has obvious marks of machine cards. These features are aimed at the false toner drum filled with carbon powder. Readers can tell the difference between real toner cartridges and fake toner cartridges as long as they observe carefully when shopping

in addition to distinguishing the true and false toner cartridges based on the appearance observation, you can also distinguish the true and false toner cartridges through the most direct printing effect. At this time, it is best to bring the sample output from the original drum for effect comparison. The printing effects of genuine and fake toner cartridges are very different. When they are put together, they will form a sharp contrast. Under normal working conditions, the text lines printed by the original toner cartridges are very clear. If it is color printing, the color restoring power is good, and the image is full and bright. In the printing of counterfeit products, broken lines will be found, and the color restoration ability is insufficient. When printing a large number of words, broken words will appear

after careful selection, I believe it is not difficult to avoid buying fake toner cartridges. At the same time, I remind users that it is best to buy toner cartridges from the manufacturer's designated dealers. After all, in the area of office products, manufacturers still attach great importance to their brand image, and their dealers will not offend their suppliers for the high profits of several fake toner cartridges

let's introduce a specific example of discrimination. Take HP toner cartridges for example

HP's genuine and fake toner cartridges are mainly distinguished by anti-counterfeiting labels. The anti-counterfeiting labels of genuine toner cartridges are the same as those of ink cartridges. In the past, there was a change in depth from the left and right angles, while the fake toner cartridges have no color change function from any angle, and only display left deep and right shallow or left shallow and right deep. The anti-counterfeiting code on the selenium drum is identical to the English letter part of the anti-counterfeiting code on its outer package

color changing anti-counterfeiting label in order to facilitate HP users to use and identify the authenticity of HP toner cartridges, the toner cartridges and ink cartridges are also labeled with blue anti-counterfeiting labels. Turn the HP blue anti-counterfeiting label left and right, and it will alternate between dark blue and light blue with the center line as the boundary

from the front - the anti-counterfeiting mark is deep on the left and shallow on the right

from the left and right angles - the anti-counterfeiting mark is still deep on the left and shallow on the right. Needless to say, it must be a fake

external package appearance observation the external package of HP original selenium drum has exquisite printing quality and bright color, while some counterfeit products have rough printing quality, blurred image and gray color. The serial number on the back of the HP original toner cartridge outer package should have a rectangular offset box, while some counterfeit toner cartridges have no offset marks

the most direct way to judge the true or false selenium drum is to open the outer package and check the drum. The color of the original HP toner drum is dark blue-green or light brown, while the color of the counterfeit toner drum is bright green or blue; In addition, the surface of HP original selenium drum photosensitive drum is extremely smooth without any scratch during the user's use process, while the surface of some counterfeit photosensitive drums filled with selenium drum is rough with obvious scratch

however, if consumers do not understand these purchasing skills, the most convenient and safest way is to purchase consumables at the HP consumables store. In this way, they can not only choose to purchase consumables at ease, but also get professional services from the store

how to search the authenticity of HP original toner cartridge

1. Station query: log in to HP original toner cartridge query system, open the label of HP points exchange program on the outer package, and enter the mixed code of 20 digits and letters on the electronic gift certificate for query

2. SMS query: SMS HC (space) 20 bit code, sent by mobile, sent by Unicom

3. Other queries: at the same time, HP consumables:. If you have any questions, please call us

in general, users who need to purchase toner cartridges must first identify their real application requirements. Users who do not have high quality requirements or do not have much printing can consider non original products. Secondly, there are certain requirements for the selection of toner drum brands. At present, the common ones are Epson, HP, Canon, etc., which are very good manufacturers of original consumables. Finally, we should pay attention to the problem of identifying the true and false toner cartridges. For consumers with limited identification ability, xiaopian still suggests to buy them in consumable brand stores and some reputable stores, so that they can buy them at ease and use them at ease

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