Operating procedures for automatic measuring bucke

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Automatic bucket measuring operation procedure

machine information integration: this regulation is applicable to the model and the technical specifications of the model

purpose capacity of the model (kg)


R coke ± 5%

R limestone ± 5%

1. Observe the general operating procedures of casting equipment

2. Before operation, check whether the weighing scale is deformed, whether the transmission Shaw falls off, whether the bucket bottom is tight, and whether the bucket door can be opened and closed flexibly. If necessary, notify the maintenance personnel for repair

3. Adjust the weighing lever according to the process requirements to make its accuracy within ± 5%

4. It is forbidden to impact the weighing bucket and weighing rod with metal blocks, so as not to affect the equipment performance and weighing accuracy

5. Remove the obstacles that hinder the movement of the weighing rod at any time

6. Do not store materials in the bucket after work

7. When cleaning the equipment, especially the dust on the weighing rod

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