Beijing yongchangli printing machine repair factor

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Beijing yongchangli printing machine repair factory

1 I plant large, medium and small repair offset press, replacement of high-quality stainless steel spray drum or new drum, project repair can be door-to-door service, undertake the renovation of cots and nylon rollers

2. At a lower price to provide you with "beiren" offset press accessories, chains and supporting electrical appliances

3. Sales of all kinds of refurbished offset printing machines can be checked and accepted according to the factory new machine standard, and there is a warranty

catalogue of second-hand equipment

serial number machine name manufacturer production date model and brief introduction price (10000 yuan)

1 split monochrome Offset Press beiren 1985.10 from Figure 1, we can see that j2108a is renovated 20

2 split two-color offset press beiren 1988j2203d, 650 × 920 renovate 32

3 folio double-sided offset press beiren js2102 renovate 37

4 folio 4-color offset press beiren 1989pz

the base is supplemented by aluminum alloy profile columns with advanced plastic spraying treatment

5 folio 4-color offset press Roland 1980roland-rekord80

64 folio monochrome Offset Press Hunan j410 smart pretend 3 renovation

7 knife sharpener, paper cutter, page collage machine

site in the 1930s: No. 177, North Tianjin village, Jiaomen South Road, Fengtai District, Beijing

: (010)

page: (010) call 358, (this city), (010) call

contact: Ms. Yin

note: after December 13, due to the internal adjustment of the Bureau, Our factory will change to (010), please pay attention to it

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