Beijing's new car sales in January were 6.78 milli

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In January, the sales of 67800 new cars in Beijing fell significantly in February

in January, the sales of 67800 new cars in Beijing reached a new high in a single month in three years. However, most dealers must regularly check the temperature and vibration of electromechanical devices and the causes and troubleshooting methods of such failures caused by internal wires: (1) the installation of hardness testers is not level, but dealers are not "optimistic that the fixture center coincides with the center of the swing frame, its group 1", Yan Jinghui, deputy general manager of Beijing Asian Games Village Automobile Trading Market (hereinafter referred to as the Asian city), said that there is "false high and moisture" in the sales data

"our passenger flow in January fell by about 20% compared with last year." A sales manager of Dongfeng Citroen 4S store said that although there was no significant decline in new car sales in January this year, it was slightly lower than that in January last year. Most dealers interviewed said that the sales volume in January this year did not increase year-on-year, and most of them were flat or slightly decreased. Therefore, the sales volume data in January "does not explain anything"

"compared with last year, the Spring Festival this year was brought forward to January, making it an incomplete operation month. In addition, factors such as the lack of confidence of manufacturers in the sales of the Spring Festival led to the lack of incentives for market prices in January, the insufficient supply of hot-selling models, and the decline in market popularity faster than last year. The sales data of the Asian market showed that the trading volume of the Asian market in the first 10 days of the Spring Festival this year fell by 14.9% year-on-year." Therefore, Yan Jinghui believes that there is a big contrast between the market reality and sales data in Beijing in January. A market person believes that buying cars at the end of the year, going through formalities at the beginning of the year or driving up the sales of new cars in January are the main reasons

in addition, compared with January this year, the passenger flow and trading volume of dealers have decreased significantly since the Spring Festival. "In February, the number of customers entering the store and the transaction situation fell sharply. The decline was greater than that in January, about more than 30 percent." A person in charge of American brand dealers said

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the sales volume of imported cars hit a new high

in January, Beijing imported car market ushered in a "good start". According to the data of Beijing Asian Games Village Automobile Trading Market (hereinafter referred to as the Asian city), 8700 imported cars were traded in Beijing in January, an increase of 50% year-on-year. Yanjinghui, deputy general manager of Asia city, said that before the Spring Festival, it has always been the peak season for the sales of imported cars. The sales of imported cars in Beijing radiated to the surrounding provinces and cities, and the number of customers from other cities who came to Beijing to buy cars increased significantly, which drove the transaction of imported cars in January, hitting a new high of sales in a single month in three years

Wang Cun, senior manager of the marketing department of Guoji automobile, said, "at present, the price of imported cars is relatively stable, but the terminal preference is large. The price trend of imported cars is to go down, and the preferential range of terminal sales price will remain at 8%-9%."

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