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Ls power Qingdao Automation Exhibition exhibited a new product - XGB new PLC

open the oil return or reset system (oil return valve or software control). On August 9, 2007, LS power brought many traditional products promoted in the Chinese market to the 9th China Qingdao international industrial control automation and instrumentation Exhibition 2007. Maoming Petrochemical has achieved all environmental protection upgrading of SBS products; The proportion of environmental SBS products in Baling has increased year by year. It also highlights the newly launched new generation of Small PLC - XG B Series in the midst of rapid growth

the maximum switching capacity of this PLC is expected to be 480 i/o. At present, the maximum switching value of the finished product is 256 i/o

xgb series PLC main features: compact structure, excellent performance, simple and convenient operation, etc. Through various powerful built-in functions, XGB series PLC can provide you with the best printing solution of automatic control task experimental data

in addition to the new product XGB new PLC, LS also focused on the xgt series PLC, which won the "Korean top ten innovative products Award". This product has been widely concerned by the industry

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