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Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong build the China IOT railway triangle

for the IOT industry, standard formulation, core technology research and development, application breakthrough and other links are the most prominent. The development of IOT is a game of chess for the whole country. How to promote the coordinated development of IOT in the above-mentioned important links has become a top priority, according to the different advantages of different regions, which is prone to sample slip in the stretching process, both competition and cooperation. At present, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong are building an iron triangle for the development of China's IOT industry

Beijing: coordinated deployment of multiple ministries

for an emerging industry like IOT, the most critical thing is to take the lead in seizing the commanding height of standards, so as to take the initiative in future development

in recent years, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of industry and information technology and other relevant departments have supported a number of RFID, sensor network and smart sensor projects respectively, and the gold card project has also launched a number of RFID industry (local) application pilot projects. It is hard to avoid beggar thy neighbor by segmenting and fighting each other, which has become a major hidden danger in the development of IOT

in order to eliminate this hidden danger and promote the formulation of IOT standards, the preparatory meeting of China IOT standards joint working group was held in Beijing on March 9, which means that the construction of IOT national standard system was officially launched. According to relevant sources, the working group will be officially established before May 1 this year, when the research at home and abroad will mainly focus on improving the processing technology and improving the mechanical properties of materials

Zhang Qi, head of the joint working group and deputy director of the electronic science and Technology Commission of the Ministry of industry and information technology, pointed out that although relevant standards working groups have been established or are being prepared to be established in China, each working group focuses on this field, and the standard formulation process is carried out independently. It is urgent to integrate relevant resources on the basis of the original work and establish a coordination and promotion mechanism. Relying on its superior performance standards, the China IOT EPS joint working group will accelerate the construction of the IOT national standard system and the formulation of relevant national standards, and actively participate in the formulation of relevant international standards to take the initiative in development

Shanghai: the best experimental field of IOT in the WorldExpo

at the application level of IOT, the upcoming Shanghai WorldExpo will become the best experimental field of IOT application in China

Shanghai Pudong Airport took the lead in the application of IOT, and IOT sensor products have been first applied in the anti intrusion system of Shanghai Pudong International Airport. The anti intrusion system of Shanghai Pudong Airport has laid more than 30000 sensor nodes, covering the ground, fences and low altitude detection, which can prevent people from crossing, smuggling, terrorist attacks and other offensive intrusion

in addition to the application in airports, the application of IOT in the WorldExpo is also reflected in tickets. There is an Expo core with independent intellectual property rights in each ticket of this year's Shanghai WorldExpo. The organizer can know the audience distribution of each venue according to the Expo core, which can not only timely send the next visit suggestions to the audience, but also effectively mobilize vehicles and improve traffic efficiency. In cooperation with the Expo Organizing Committee, China Mobile also launched an rfid-sim card that can carry Expo tickets. This kind of Expo ticket applies IOT technology. As long as you replace the card with RFID SIM card, you can bring it to Shanghai to watch the Expo at that time. Wang Jianzhou, President of China Mobile, said that this ticket can also buy all kinds of souvenirs, consume, buy all kinds of food in the Expo Park, and even take the subway to Shanghai

Guangdong: leading the field of radio frequency

radio frequency (RFID) technology is the core technology of IOT. Guangdong has always been in the forefront of the country in the field of RFID technology research and application. On December 23 last year, the Guangdong Radio frequency (RFID) Standardization Committee was officially established. Zousheng, deputy director of the provincial economic and Information Technology Commission, said that in the national chess game of IOT, Guangdong will strive to cooperate with the Ministry of industry and information technology to make the Guangdong version of RFID standard pilot in Guangdong first, and then promote it into a national standard, so as to make it an international standard and seize the high-end territory of IOT Industrial Development in the future

according to Xiongxiong, the head of Guangdong Radio Monitoring Station, RFID standards have been divided into five camps in the world, but they are mainly scattered application standards, which are not systematic. A total of 30 RFID national standards are being drafted. Among them, Guangdong is in the leading position in China, and there are 7 RFID Guangdong local standards that have been approved

in addition to striving to occupy the commanding heights in RFID, Guangdong's local mainstream telecom operators are also vigorously promoting the application of IOT. China Mobile Guangdong company took the lead in launching the new product power 100 machine card of IOT across the country. This machine card uses specific terminals to wirelessly access mobile Internet, SMS and other forms for users to obtain information, assist in production and office, and promote entertainment. Zhang Qiang, Secretary General of Guangzhou Logistics Association, believes that Guangdong is relatively mature at the application level, and the country is also in a leading position, such as Yuanwang valley. However, Beijing has more advantages in basic research and development. We have the advantages of the Guangdong Hong Kong Alliance. Hong Kong is the leading region in the world in R FID technology. Zhang Qiang believes that Guangdong should be positioned in the application chain in the IOT

Then the work will be simple


IOT rush into the market, which may cause a waste of resources

the emerging IOT has been given high attention and policy support in the government work report. Proposals on the development of the IOT have emerged from the members of the two committees. However, it can be found from the proposal that in addition to Guangdong, Shanghai, Beijing, Shandong, Liaoning, Fujian, Zhejiang and other places have proposed to promote the IOT industry as an emerging industry for local economic development. From the simple proposal to attach importance to IOT last year to the fact that it has blossomed all over the country this year, IOT has been in the spotlight for a time

the vision of developing IOT industry is good, but all regions do not combine the local actual needs and industrial development foundation, and they all develop IOT as a local strategic industry, which is worthy of vigilance. IOT is an emerging industry all over the world. Everyone is groping for the way to go. To develop the IOT industry in China, we must establish the idea of national unity, effectively integrate resources, set standards as soon as possible, and orderly promote the research, development and application of IOT. As a result of the concerted efforts of all regions, a large amount of resources are often wasted, which is not conducive to the unification of standards and lays a lot of hidden dangers for future development. In addition, it was also found in the interview that the development of IOT in many places is completely following the trend; Many enterprises with ulterior motives are eyeing the fat meat of IOT, and have used the guise of IOT to win the financial policy support of the local government. The development of IOT industry is fake and deceiving money is true

the development of IOT industry can not be achieved by speculation. It needs solid R & D capabilities and industrial foundation support. Therefore, it is a pragmatic move to maintain a sense in the heat, rather than rushing into mass action

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