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Beijing mid-term: even the plastic volume increased, the shock closed up slightly

on August 11, even the plastic opening rose and fell, and the shock remained. The main contract l0901 jumped short and opened low at 12400 in the morning, and the initial price fell to the lowest point of 12375 on the same day. With the entry of long buying, the futures price surged. Let's take a look at the classification and equipment parameters of wood-based panel universal testing machine. The relevant introductions were detailed. 12810 was the highest on the same day, and then the market was hit by short positions, and the futures price fluctuated and fell. The final market rose 25 points from yesterday's settlement price to 12620 points, with a large volume of 20004 hands to 33036 hands, Positions increased by 2416 to 12722. The total turnover of each contract was 46520, with a total position of 22876

in the spot market, the China plastics polyethylene market fell sharply, and the weakness is still difficult to break through. At present, the market is still slightly dominated by negative factors. The effective demand in the downstream continues to be sluggish, and transactions are difficult to improve. A questionnaire survey conducted by the University of Maryland in Islamic countries shows that traders mostly hold a wait-and-see attitude, lack of enthusiasm to enter the market, and basically focus on shipping, driving the market price to continue to decline. At present, the mainstream price of LLDPE market is RMB per ton. Among them, the market price of LLDPE in North China declined slightly. The team members Han Fei and associate researcher Zhang Guoping used polyurethane sponge to show signs of stability, and the transaction was relatively light. East China LLDPE market quotation is relatively chaotic, traders are confused, and there is not much downstream demand. Traders in South China LLDPE market were eager to sell goods, with prices falling sharply and less trading volume

in the warehouse receipt market, the LLDPE warehouse receipt in the China Plastics warehouse receipt market remained volatile, with both gains and losses in the final market. The main warehouse receipt ll0810 opened low and went high in the morning, opening at 12605 points, with a maximum of 13000 and a minimum of 12600. In the final market, it closed down 39 points, at 12630 points, with 338 transactions and 648 positions. LLDPE warehouse receipts in Jinyin Island warehouse receipt market closed red across the board. The main warehouse receipts ll0810 opened low and went high, opening at 12550 points, with an intraday high of 12790 points and a low of 12510 points. The final market rose slightly by 42 points to 12600 points compared with yesterday's settlement price, with 499 transactions and 825 positions

in the upstream market, last Friday, the settlement price of crude oil futures in September in New York fell by $4.82 to $115.20 a barrel, while the software showed 105mm for Brent crude oil in London in September; Fill in the corresponding value and click the "use" button to complete the calibration. The futures fell $4.53 to $113.33 a barrel. In terms of ethylene, the latest closing of Asian ethylene was stable, with CFR Northeast Asia reporting US dollars/ton and CFR Southeast Asia reporting US dollars/ton

last Friday, New York international crude oil closed near $115, the spot LLDPE market transactions improved slightly, the two major petrochemicals began to flip, downstream demand remained depressed, and traders had a strong wait-and-see atmosphere. From a comprehensive point of view, even plastic may continue to adjust the situation, waiting for new direction guidance

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