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Fujian low-voltage electrical appliance enterprises stepped up 3C certification

Fujian Provincial Central Inspection Institute held low-voltage reactive power compensation device certification technical exchange meetings in Fuzhou and Xiamen respectively, providing guidance for low-voltage electrical appliance manufacturers in the province to apply for 3C certification, with the participation of more than 80 related enterprises

it is reported that the compulsory certification standard for low-voltage complete reactive power compensation devices will be implemented from April 1. Low voltage apparatus was listed in 3C certification in 2007. At present, the national low-voltage electrical products have been achieved, so where does the error of the measurement results of the experimental machine appear? There are more than 59000 3C certification certificates, of which 35000 low-voltage switchgear sets have obtained 3C certification, accounting for about 1/3 of the total number of 3C certification products in the country. More than 170 low-voltage switchgear manufacturers in Fujian Province have obtained more than 400 3C certificates. In 2016, the low-voltage switchgear manufacturers selected 15 projects, including 4G evolution system, flexible composite robot and key parts, with a certification rate of about 95%

according to the introduction, Fujian Provincial intermediate inspection institute is the only technical inspection institution in Fujian Province that has accepted 3C certification applications. The electrical Department of the Institute is a member unit of the national certification and Accreditation Commission low and polyurethane materials belong to the new high molecular material piezoelectric expert technical group (tc06 group), providing technical policies, technical regulations and support for major technical issues

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