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Low voltage electrical appliances must not wait for the "12th Five Year Plan"

from the construction of smart electricity to the vigorous development of new energy industry, from the power industry to the petrochemical industry, low-voltage electrical appliances have a history of more than 50 years in China. With the rapid development of China's economic construction, low-voltage electrical appliances have also changed from simple assembly to the advent of the fourth generation of intelligent low-voltage electrical appliances

step by step, low-voltage electrical appliances from introduction and digestion to innovation, each step is particularly critical. How will low-voltage electrical appliances develop in the period of the 12th Five Year Plan? What challenges will the industry face

there was still a significant increase last year

in the past 2011, although the growth rate of electric power and real estate investment fell, the low-voltage electrical appliance industry was driven by a new round of agricultural transformation and the construction of affordable housing, and the overall production and sales of the industry still increased significantly compared with the previous year

according to statistics, the overall production and sales of low-voltage electrical appliances in 2011 and the sales of main products increased by about 15% compared with the same period in 2010. According to the statistics of 100 enterprises reported, the enterprises with production and sales growth throughout the year accounted for about 75% of the whole industry, and the production and sales of many excellent enterprises in the industry increased by more than 30%. However, affected by the rising pressure of raw material costs and labor costs, the industry competition is becoming more and more intense, and the profitability of enterprises with weak competitiveness and poor cost control ability has declined to varying degrees

in terms of exports of low-voltage electrical appliances, the coastal areas have developed relatively fast, especially Wenzhou. In terms of export volume, Guangdong Province is far ahead. In 2011, the export volume of low-voltage electrical appliances ranked first in Guangdong with us $2.67 billion, Zhejiang with us $790 million and Shanghai with us $630 million, which together amounted to 79% of the total export volume of low-voltage electrical appliances

with the construction of power facilities, the low-voltage electrical appliances market has gradually expanded. At the same time, the number of enterprises has increased rapidly in a short time, resulting in a serious overcapacity of China's low-voltage electrical appliances. Low voltage electrical appliances enterprises with relatively low medium and low-end technology threshold are "clustered" in China, and industrial enterprises lack sufficient independent research and development capacity and high-end market competitiveness

according to experts' analysis, due to the increasing demand for low-voltage electrical appliances, many large foreign enterprises have increased their investment in the field of low-voltage electrical appliances. While developing high-end products, they have also entered China's medium and low-end markets, resulting in more fierce competition in the industry

there are many opportunities in the "12th Five Year Plan"

after entering the "12th Five Year Plan", with the rapid expansion of related industries and industries, the low-voltage electrical appliance industry is full of opportunities

since 80% of electric energy is distributed or controlled through low-voltage electrical appliances, the market capacity of low-voltage complete equipment is closely linked to the development of power industry. The investment in power construction will bring good growth to the low-voltage complete equipment industry. During the "12th Five Year Plan" period, the state power invested a total of 1.5 trillion yuan in the construction of smart power and smart power, that is, about 300billion yuan per year, which undoubtedly ensured the steady growth of low-voltage appliances during the "12th Five Year Plan" period

the average GDP growth target of China during the 12th Five Year Plan is 7%, and the total GDP of China will exceed 55trillion yuan in 2015. At the same time, against the backdrop of the ambitious development goals set out in the outline of the 12th Five Year Plan and the sustained macroeconomic growth, fixed asset investment, industrial production and overall consumption, especially the rapid growth of urban population, will drive the growth of power generation and consumption. Therefore, the future market development space of low-voltage electrical appliances will continue to expand

at the same time, a new round of agricultural transformation will also become another strong backing for low-voltage electrical appliances. The state plans to invest more than 460 billion yuan during the 12th Five Year Plan period to focus on solving the problem of weak rural electricity and basically build a new type of agriculture with safety, reliability, energy conservation, environmental protection, advanced technology and standardized management. By 2015, the reliability rate of rural power supply will reach 99.7%, the qualified rate of comprehensive voltage will reach 98.5%, and the average comprehensive line loss rate will reach 6.2%. Therefore, the rural reconstruction has driven the huge demand for low-voltage electrical appliances at the distribution side

Zhang Xiaoqiang, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission, said, "according to the plan By 2015, strategic emerging industries will form a basic pattern of healthy development and coordinated promotion, which will significantly enhance the role of promoting the upgrading of industrial structure, and the proportion of added value in GDP will strive to reach about 8%. By 2020, the added value of strategic emerging industries will strive to account for about 15% of GDP, and the ability to absorb and drive employment will be significantly improved. "

industry insiders believe that strategic emerging industries will gradually become the leading force to promote the development of the national economy in the next five years. The development of these industries has brought huge development opportunities to low-voltage electrical appliances, especially medium and high-end products

in addition, the real estate industry is an industry in which low-voltage complete sets of equipment are used intensively. In 2012, the real estate industry temporarily entered a stage of stable development, but the construction of affordable housing made up for the slowdown in the growth rate of commercial housing construction. According to the plan, the state will build 36million affordable housing units during the 12th Five Year Plan period. The Ministry of housing and urban rural development announced that the construction target of affordable housing in 2012 is more than 7million units. The construction of affordable housing provides a good market space for low-voltage electrical appliances with high cost performance

problems need to be solved urgently

although after years of development, China's low-voltage electrical appliance industry still has many problems to be solved urgently. When facing the opportunity of increasing the annual output of 800 tons of power type 3-yuan materials in the face of the good Wali new energy plan, don't let your shortcomings become a "stumbling block"

the rising cost has become a major problem faced by the entire electrical industry. Of course, the low-voltage electrical industry has not been spared. The large volume of products and the large consumption of precious metals, silver, copper, ferrous metals, plastics and other materials have become a criticism of most low-end low-voltage products in China. It is precisely because the materials are subject to the international market price that the profits of low-end low-voltage products have shrunk significantly; At the same time, with the shortage of funds, the rise of financial costs and the rapid increase of employees' wages, the increase of personnel costs is also irreversible. On the other hand, it also causes the continuous decline of the production profit of low-voltage electrical appliances. Many enterprises have been in the state of hydraulic material testing machine failure with low profit or loss of hydraulic universal testing performance for stretching, tightening, twists and turns and other experiments

and this has also brought inconvenience to the crucial scientific research link of the whole industry. The profits of enterprises are meager, so how can enterprises "learn" if they can't even eat enough

the technical level of China's low-voltage electrical appliance industry has been improved slowly, and there is a long gap compared with foreign countries. Taking the invention patents applied for low-voltage electrical appliances in recent years as an example, foreign companies account for more than 80% of the total. Under the background of the continuous development of new technologies and products of low-voltage electrical appliances and the increasing attention paid to the development of intelligent electricity and safe electricity, if China's low-voltage electrical appliance industry does not increase investment in scientific research and new product research and development, Without increasing the basic commonness and generating low activity free radicals, the research on combustion mitigation technology and rapidly improving the independent innovation ability of enterprises will inevitably hinder the sustainable development of China's low-voltage electrical industry and lose market competitiveness

after foreign competitors entered the Chinese market, they have adopted the way of cooperation with domestic production enterprises, seeking complementary advantages, and constantly infiltrating domestic and foreign markets through multiple production lines and channels, which has also intensified market competition

driven by corresponding interests, foreign famous electrical industries have seized the electrical appliance market, such as Schneider, Fuji, Siemens, abb and other international famous enterprises have landed in China one after another. In addition to dividing up the domestic high-end market, they also implement the "localization" strategy and set up factories in China in the form of sole proprietorship or joint venture, resulting in an increasing market share in the domestic middle-end electrical appliance market, and even covet the low-end market of domestic electrical appliances

this is undoubtedly a fatal impact on the "low price advantage" of domestic low-voltage electrical appliances, and ultimately can only force enterprises to survive in the cracks of the low-level market

on the other hand, there are many production enterprises in China's low-voltage electrical appliances industry, and counterfeiting and price competition still exist, making general low-voltage electrical appliances products in a state of low profits. In order to survive in this cruel market and not be eliminated, the vast majority of enterprises choose to reduce prices and seize the market to increase the market share of products in the market, To make up for or adapt to the plight of too meager profits caused by product price factors

but contrary to their wishes, the enterprise not only failed to break through the dilemma, but on the contrary, after the pendulum heat treatment of the full-automatic impact testing machine, the enterprise entered a new round of price war, and then re entered another vicious circle. Of course, this embarrassment can only make enterprises fall into endless price competition, and the corresponding profits from meager to meager, the technological innovation of enterprises is impossible to talk about, and even fake and inferior products still exist in the low-voltage electrical appliance industry

there are nearly 10000 low-voltage electrical appliance manufacturing enterprises in China, but there are few enterprises with annual sales revenue and total assets of more than 500 million yuan, few enterprises with independent intellectual property rights and high-end products, and relatively backward technology and production equipment. Although some excellent enterprises have made some technical investment, their R & D and design capabilities are still seriously insufficient, which has become the reason for foreign-funded enterprises to make use of their brand, technology and product advantages, Another factor to further increase the proportion of its products in China's market

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