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Wenzhou low-voltage electrical products participate in the "Shenzhou VII" flying

September 11 - made in Wenzhou is also seen at the "Shenzhou VII" launch site. Yesterday, Delixi Group revealed that it had received a notice from Jiuquan launch command center inviting the group to send personnel to Jiuquan base to observe the launch of Shenzhou VII

in 2002, Delixi won the public bidding for electrical product suppliers held by Jiuquan launch command center. 20031. At the beginning of the construction of the regional sub center for new material testing and evaluation, Delixi signed a five-year fixed-point procurement agreement for low-voltage electrical appliances with the center, and Delixi Group provided the center with low-voltage electrical appliances and complete sets of equipment for important places such as the launch command center. After that, the electrical equipment produced and provided by Delixi successfully ensured the launch of Shenzhou V and VI. For this reason, the launch command center sent a congratulatory message to thank Delixi for providing high-quality products. After the launch of Shenzhou VI, Jiuquan ordered complete sets of equipment, wires and cables, high-voltage components and other related products from Delixi

in addition to Delixi, several enterprises in Wenzhou, such as Chint and feice, have been preparing for the "Shenqi" flying in recent times

the relevant person in charge of Chint Group said that the group sent a batch of products for "Shenqi" in April this year. Since 2003, Chint has produced kyn28 high-voltage switchgear, ngc1 low-voltage switchgear and other products to serve China Academy of transportation technology and Beijing Aerospace Experimental Technology Research Institute. China Academy of launch technology, formerly known as China Aerospace First Research Institute, is mainly responsible for the development of carrier rockets, missile rockets, etc. What will the aircraft look like after the disintegration of the Shenzhou VI and Shenzhou VII? The Rockets are produced and supplied by the Institute. Chint products are mainly used in the production plant and main power room of the Institute. Beijing Aerospace Experimental Technology Research Institute is mainly responsible for all the tests carried out on all launch vehicles and hydraulic clamping motors last day. Chint products are used in the power system and radar stations of the Institute. According to statistics, Chint's cumulative bid winning amount in the two institutes reached 20million yuan

the products of feice explosion-proof electrical appliance Co., Ltd. have become the designated supplier of the national Xichang and Jiuquan satellite launch centers as early as 2001. In January this year, feice explosion-proof received a notice from the satellite launch center asking the company to provide explosion-proof electrical appliances and explosion-proof lamps. Among them, explosion-proof lamps are required to be super high-power lamps, mainly to speed up the advance of satellite launch time and provide lighting for satellite testing and installation at night. At the beginning of April this year, with the efforts of technical developers and relevant personnel, the company spent two months to complete the task that originally required three months of development, thus ensuring the timely delivery of explosion-proof products

"it is precisely because of the core technology that the products of the three enterprises in Wenzhou can participate in the Shenzhou VII flying!" Relevant experts from the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau said that the independent innovation ability of Wenzhou private enterprises is increasing, and "made in Wenzhou" is moving towards "created in Wenzhou"

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