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Ls power production appeared in the 13th International power equipment and technology exhibition

LS power production. From October 22, 2010 to October 19, 2010, the 13th International power equipment and Technology Exhibition (EP China 2010) opened at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing, the capital of China. As the largest manufacturer of automation equipment and electric machinery in South Korea, LS power appeared at the exhibition with a full range of the latest products and solutions, including susol/metasol series with world-class quality level in low-voltage power, differentiated standard high-voltage switchgear in power system, green and environmental standard solid insulated switch (SIS), RMU, susol VCB and other products. There are also new businesses and products related to smart electricity, such as photovoltaic inverter, superconducting current limiter, ev replay, RFID and other leading green business in South Korea

at this EP China 2010 exhibition, LS power showed the concept of environmental protection and energy conservation integrated in power. Recently, I visited Dunhuang "Mother River" - the upper reaches of the Dang River to see the integrated power system equipment, series of renewable energy, electric vehicle parts and charging systems, power energy-saving systems, automation equipment, etc. The super large-scale green booth shows the booming green cause everywhere. Ls power generation has been vigorously promoting the green cause many years ago. In South Korea, it has developed a green certification system to promote the green environmental protection industry. Of all 19 certifications, LS power generation has obtained a total of 15 certifications, among which the solar power conversion device has been selected as the first in the green technology certification. At present, the company has invested more than 60% of its R & D investment. The company launched a new crowdfunding activity on indiegogo to invest in green businesses, and has determined an investment amount of more than 140 million US dollars by 2011. It is planned to create 2.1 trillion won of green business income from the sales target of 4.5 trillion won in 2015

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LS power generation, with green business as the core, covers the following fields: solar power generation equipment, inv, RFID, radio frequency identification, power it field (smart electricity, etc.), environmental protection power equipment, superconducting current limiter, green auto parts as a new business field, power semiconductor modules, fuel cells, led, energy-saving building field At present, the green business of LS power production has been recognized by many countries around the world, including the signing of a letter of intent (BCA) with the enterprise with the largest market share of American intelligent metering equipment (AMI) and the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on smart electricity cooperation with enterprises subordinate to the Ministry of the interior of Malaysia. And the future auto parts business related to smart electricity is also accelerating. First, it supplies electric vehicle inverters to Italian enterprises, and then it has signed a memorandum with American enterprises to give priority to the supply of electric vehicle inverters as core components

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facing the Chinese market, LS has also become one of the partners of the first national intelligent power Yangzhou demonstration site in China. It is planning to provide a powerful energy equipment platform for large-scale development, long-distance transmission and large-scale consumption of renewable energy. The Chinese intelligent power technology of the demonstration site is likely to be designated as the standard specification of Chinese intelligent power. The company hopes to speed up the implementation and application of smart electricity technology through the cooperation of this project and contribute to the construction of smart electricity in China

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Mr. Ju Zijun, vice president of LS power generation, said: in the face of the global energy shortage and increasingly bad environmental climate, LS has included this global problem in the company's key R & D direction and development strategy. To this end, we strive to promote a series of energy-saving and environmental protection technology products and solutions to come out one after another, hoping to effectively alleviate the impact of the development of power industry on the environment and energy consumption, and bring a wonderful green electrical revolution to global users. At the same time, we will continue to allocate various important resources to promote the sustainable development of the green cause

at the same time, Mr. Zijun also mentioned that LS will officially accelerate the pace of China's business from this year, and integrate the business, production and R & D business of its original business divisions into China. In terms of new renewable energy, smart electricity, solar energy, RFID and other business areas that have achieved great results in South Korea will be introduced into the Chinese market as soon as possible. It is planned that the total sales volume in China will reach US $1172 million in 2015, consolidating the position of the first tier in Asia

about LS power generation

ls power generation, formerly known as LG power generation of South Korea LG Group, was founded in 1974. It is a well-known supplier of power instruments, transmission and distribution equipment, and automation solutions in South Korea. It was officially renamed as LS power generation in 2005. At present, the company has more than 1000 employees in China, and has a mature R & D center, production base and marketing network. With the business philosophy of always with our customers, LS power has grown into a leading enterprise in the field of industrial electrical, electronic products and materials. The construction personnel are preparing the columns, building the traveling frame, and new energy power. Ls power takes the 3P standards of people (talent), product (product, quality and service) and process (international management process) as the business criteria, and provides customized professional products and solutions with international standards for customers

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