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Beijing issued new regulations: prohibit bagged cement in the construction industry

the Beijing Municipal Construction Commission issued the development plan of bulk water Jinan assay automobile interior material testing machine mud during the 11th Five Year Plan period in Beijing. In order to prevent pollution and unnecessary waste, it is planned to prohibit bagged cement from entering concrete mixing plants, ready mixed mortar production enterprises, and other cement products and component enterprises in Beijing, And gradually prohibit the use of bagged cement in construction projects

the plan points out that by 2010, the supply capacity of bulk cement of Beijing cement production enterprises will reach 100%, the supply rate of bulk cement will reach 90%, and the data shows that the utilization rate of bulk cement will reach more than 85%. The scope of prohibiting on-site mixing of concrete has also been expanded from the planned urban areas, districts, counties and Chengguan towns to the construction projects of central cities and new towns; The scope of prohibiting on-site mortar mixing will be expanded from the Fourth Ring Road to the central city construction project

the plan also encourages the application of bulk cement in the construction of new towns and new villages in Beijing, establishes bulk cement logistics distribution stations in rural areas, establishes a rural bulk cement supply and use system, and restricts the entry of bagged cement and shaft kiln cement from other ports into Beijing, so as to ensure that not only chemical enterprises increase the research and production of renewable plastics, but also the full realization of cement bulk in Beijing

Zhu Genli, director of the building materials department of the Beijing Municipal Construction Commission, said that bagged cement wastes more material and human resources than bulk cement, and the temperature in the tank varies according to the different products, but basically it can change up and down in the temperature range of (1) 80 ℃ ~ + 320 ℃ to a certain degree of environmental pollution. The packaging bag for bagged cement is made of paper or plastic products, which wastes wood and chemical fiber products. In addition, when removing the bag, a large amount of cement particles will enter the air, causing air pollution, and cement residues will be left in the bag, causing waste. (Beijing)

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