The hottest low-temperature flower packaging mater

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Low temperature flower packaging materials appear in Japan

Japan corrugated cardboard company and changpan wood yarn production Institute recently jointly promoted the production capacity of 25000 tons of packaging materials for low-temperature transportation of flowers, food and other purposes. According to reports, researchers used synthetic resin foam film to make a wavy center, which was weired at a certain distance from the groove, and then pasted cardboard liners on both sides of the center, which improved the poor heat insulation performance and poor fresh-keeping effect of traditional packaging. About the loading and unloading of samples: the shortcomings of sample clamping. Compared with the corrugated paper produced by the friction and wear of ordinary tiles, it has high heat insulation and air permeability. It has a special preference for plastics and moisture resistance. It can be folded and reused. It has good printability in outer packaging and has a promising market prospect

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