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Ls cable company successfully developed air compression optical composite cable

recently, LS cable said that it has successfully developed a new air compression optical composite cable that combines power and communication for intelligent power and communication construction, and has successfully won overseas orders. This time, after the successful development of 12/20kv air pressure light composite cable for power distribution, LS cable signed a supply agreement worth US $10 million with the office of Australian power company, which said that hard foam materials can "further improve the insulation performance of refrigerators by 10%

the biggest feature of this product is that it is different from the previous optical composite cable and adopts the air pressure setting mode. This method is a new concept installation method in which a sleeve with a diameter of 3 ~ 5mm is set inside the cable, and then the optical fiber line is squeezed in by high-pressure air. The original optical composite cable can merge up to 16 cores, but this method can merge up to 6. Press the key switch to press 144 optical fiber cores. Therefore, it can meet the different needs of various power and communication customers, and has great expansibility. In addition, Use plastic sleeve and "Now customers can directly find our sheath double structure to protect the cable, so the possibility of product damage is greatly reduced. And when replacing, they only need to use air pressure to replace the internal cable. This will reduce the operation and investment costs. At the same time, they can also use optical cables to measure the temperature of power cables and monitor the advantages of abnormal conditions in real time.

ls cable power is generally the responsibility of the overseas business department of electronic universal testing machine Li Xianxiang, director of the company, said that "in the next five years, the company will carry out a series of marketing activities aimed at domestic and foreign power companies that want to replace existing electricity and build new smart electricity, as well as international construction companies that are committed to providing consumers with a living environment more in line with the new lifestyle, and strive to create $40million in sales."

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