Illustration of plate making and color separation

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Prepress plate making color separation diagram

many newcomers to the plate making industry will have such a problem:

what is color separation? How to separate colors? What's the use of color separation

I don't know much about theory, so I can only speak according to my own experience

I will tell the tutorial that the man load oil cylinder is a key component in reverse order

printed matter is printed in one color, monochrome products are one color, and two colors are two colors. Similarly, four-color printed matter is composed of four colors

the printing method of the printing machine is also printed in one color, which is rolled on the machine by PS plate + ink + rubber + roller

the pattern on the PS plate is exposed by the film, and the film depends on our plate makers to make documents from the computer and then come out from the hair typesetter to set the experimental parameters at the microcomputer operation panel: the experimental speed is 200mm/min and the sample length is 200mm

speaking of this, I should have some understanding

below, I will illustrate two kinds of color separation and plate making

the four primary colors in printing are called CMYK, C represents cyan or sky blue, M represents magenta or peach red, y is medium yellow or transparent yellow, and K is black ink

note: the ink above is for reference only, and the ink color naming will be different from that according to the ink manufacturer

this version system and with the increase of load, the version method is the simplest and the most troublesome. How to say? Listen to me:

simple: if it is designed by yourself, the completion of the design is a plate making document

trouble: the customer's sample is printed in four primary colors. It needs to be scanned or divided by electricity, and the layer should be adjusted according to the effect

II. Spot color plate making

the spot color here does not specifically refer to Pantone color

special color in plate making means to divide several colors in printed matter into plates printed with specified colors

the special edition is not necessarily four-color, it can be one color, two color, three color, or five color, six color, depending on the machine condition of the printing company

information source: graphic design printing

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