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In recent years, with the gradual development of digital printing, although traditional printing still occupies a decisive position, digital printing has been paid attention to by more and more people, and the post press processing link as a face engineering has also been gradually paid attention to, and improving the automation of post press processing has become the primary task at present

at present, the tentacles of digital printing have been extended to the field of packaging and printing. In order to adapt to the more intense market and achieve the full competition of recycled plastic raw material particles, enterprises need to have the ability to quickly modify the original design scheme. At this time, the ability of variable information printing and short version printing of digital printing just meets these enterprises, so, Over the years, the market share of digital printing in the field of packaging and printing has been expanding. However, it can not be ignored that the relatively backward labor-intensive traditional post press processing technology has greatly constrained the promotion of digital printing technology in the field of packaging and printing. However, some post press manufacturing giants have seen this huge business to help provide necessary oxygen, nutrition Fluid and drug machine

as the international leader of post press, Martini company launched a Diamant MC digital book binding line specially designed for digital printing of photo albums as early as last August. According to the company, this device can ensure the efficient binding of short version photo albums. Martini said that if the book thickness changes slightly, this device can also be adjusted automatically without affecting production. Diamant MC digital book binding line can reach a maximum speed of 2100 rpm, so it can well meet the growing demand of today's photo album market. In October of the same year, at the graph Expo, Martini launched the scalable sigmaline digital book production system. This kind of system does not need preparation and can be produced directly. Werner naegeli, President of martini, said that now the market share of digital technology is rising rapidly, so manufacturing enterprises must follow the trend and adjust their product structure according to production demand. Through the great transformation of martini, we can see that more and more manufacturing enterprises and printing enterprises begin to transform to the field of digital printing

we know that the advantage of digital printing is that it has a short production cycle and can respond quickly to the information changes of the original. In order to give full play to the great advantage of digital printing, it is particularly important to adopt digital post press processing technology

common digital printing post press processing solutions: online post press processing equipment and offline post press processing equipment. We know that in the process of on-line post press processing of digital printing, we will encounter a series of problems, such as the electrostatic problem of printed matter, the mismatch between printing speed and post press processing speed, as well as the printing ink layer and printing materials are vulnerable to wear, which will affect the promotion and application of this series of on-line post press processing equipment. However, with the progress of printing technology, the performance of on-line post press processing equipment of digital printing is also improving, It has been increasingly favored by digital printing enterprises. Post press equipment involves a wide range, and it is impossible for enterprises to choose all the equipment to meet the market demand, which requires printing enterprises to introduce corresponding digital post press processing equipment according to the characteristics of printed matter, which has achieved a multiplier effect

in fact, last year, we also saw that Kama company, a post press equipment manufacturer, launched a procut 53 A3 flat die-cutting machine with holographic hot stamping function after successfully launching procut74. This new design not only allows this device to print labels and packaged products, but also produces all kinds of products that need visible safety signs and brand protection. We can see that the procut53a3 flat die-cutting machine successfully launched by Kama is small and exquisite, covering only 4 square meters. Although it is small, although the sparrow is small, it has complete internal organs by regularly checking the screws in the jaw of the universal experimental machine. He can complete post press processes such as die cutting, indentation, punching, cutting, cold embossing and even Braille bumps. It is no exaggeration to say that he is a small versatile hand. For a long time, there are very few post press equipment really developed for the digital printing market, and less equipment that can realize complex processing such as die cutting and indentation. But this demand always exists, and it is hard to imagine that a small fast printing store will buy a behemoth back. This device launched by Kama can be said to be customized for digital printing. It is not only compact in appearance, but also rich in connotation. It can be ready in a short time, and can be quickly converted between different businesses. This also points out a new development direction for domestic post press equipment manufacturers

we can see that there is a lot of room for the development of digital post press. Many post press manufacturers are aiming at this huge market space. We believe that through their efforts, the development of digital post press in the future will be rapid

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