Illegal theft of external wires from a bathing poo

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A bathing pool on Nanqi Middle Road, Tiexi District introduced external wires to illegally steal 210000 kwh

there were no staff clothes and guests' bathrobes in the wardrobe of the bathing pool. After removing the partition, there were heating water tanks and power lines from the outside! It was such a set of equipment that helped the bath steal more than 100000 yuan in total within 15 months of its opening. Recently, Tiexi police cracked a case of stealing electricity from a bathtub and arrested a suspect. The bathtub was suspected of stealing 210000 kwh of electricity, with a total value of more than 160000 yuan

reported that there was a bath stealing electricity

at about 13:00 on November 9 this year, someone called and reported that there was an illegal theft of national power resources in a bath on Nanqi Middle Road, Tiexi District. The power inspection department conducted an on-site inspection, checked the electrical equipment, sealed it up, and then called the police. After receiving the report, Guihe police station of Tiexi Branch immediately organized the police to thoroughly investigate the relevant personnel of the bath, and quickly attacked, and arrested the suspect Yang (male, 41 years old) who committed the act of stealing electricity on the spot

when you open the bath, you will inevitably encounter customers who don't know how to save water, and still don't turn off the switch after leaving, which not only wastes water resources, but also causes a lot of expenses to the bath. Some baths buy hot water and cold water by car. In order to save money, this bathhouse introduced a wire from the outdoors to the heating water tank on the second floor of the room, and then connected to a power supply that controls the heating water tank separately, in order to steal electricity

after 15 months of inspection, the police found that the bath was heated by a water tank to produce hot water. The volume of the water tank was about three tons. There were six groups of heating tubes. Each American plastic machinery industry had begun to quietly recover. The heating tubes of the group were about 5000 watts. The electric power of this bathing pool is connected to the home from the outside. After a wire behind the main box of the meter on the first floor is connected to the second floor, it goes to the home meter. This wire does not go to the home meter, but directly connects to its own electric equipment. In order to cover the electricity theft behavior with different covers required by the structure and nature, the owner of the bathhouse uses the way of hitting the ground cabinet to hide the heating water tank in the cabinet. It is necessary to open the cabinet door and disassemble the partition behind the wardrobe before the heating water tank can be seen. It is understood that this bathing pool has been connected to external power since it was opened on August 18, 2017, and has been sealed up in the continuous development system of the new energy vehicle market requiring harsh thermal management until November 8, 2018

after interrogation, the suspect Yang explained the location of the hidden power theft, and confessed to the criminal fact of stealing electricity by bypassing the meter. After detection and identification by professional departments, Yang was suspected of stealing 210000 kwh of electricity, with a total amount of more than 160000 yuan of electricity charges stolen

at present, the case is under further work. Li Yuan, director of Shenyang evening news and Shenyang daily financial media

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