Illinois is committed to recycling plastic bags an

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Illinois is committed to the recycling of plastic bags and films

in life, we can hardly live without plastic bags, but the problem of plastic bag recycling has always plagued us, and has even become an international problem. In Lake County, Illinois in the United States, in order to reduce waste logistics and promote environmental protection, Illinois has been working hard for many years to recycle plastic bags and films whose maximum force and elongation are locked on the force and elongation display

In 2006, Illinois has recycled more than 812million pounds of plastic film and packaging bags nationwide. This shows that the recycling of plastic bags and plastic films has been carried out in the United States and achieved great results. The reason why the recycling rate of plastic bags and films in the United States can be significantly improved is mainly due to the rapid growth of demand for recycled plastics in the United States and the increasing use of recycled goods bags in stores

relevant experts in the United States said that as people have a deeper understanding of plastic, that is, plastic is also a valuable resource that cannot be easily wasted, more and more Americans have adopted an attitude of acceptance towards recycled plastic bags and films. The U.S. chemical industry council has worked with retail pipeline and storage tank utilization merchants in the United States in terms of value and consumption, and units and communities engaged in plastic recycling and processing, which has promoted the recycling of plastic bags and is confident to further improve their recycling rate in the future. After recycling and processing, used plastic bags and plastic films can be made into many valuable products, and even processed into new plastic bags such as d5200 (2) 40 tower crane with reverse rotation on the arm to the largest extent in the world

with the formulation of plastic bag recycling method, the plastic bag and film recycling scheme in Lake County has been continuously responded to. Illinois has a special plastic bag recycling task force, which is established according to law and is responsible for formulating and implementing the plastic bag and film recycling plan in Lake County stores. The goal of the pilot activities is to improve people's awareness of the recycling and usability of plastic bags/films, so as to improve the recycling plan of plastic bags and films

a leading plastic bag manufacturer in the United States, it launched a campaign to process recycled plastic bags into second-generation plastic bags. The activity encourages consumers to take their used plastic bags back to the store, and the company can carry out subsequent processing after receiving the recycled plastic bags from the store

Lake County's measures to encourage consumers to recycle plastic bags through major retailers are a major social progress. With the increasing international attention to the recycling of plastic bags, various encouraging or restrictive laws and regulations are more and more in place, and people's awareness of resource conservation and environmental protection is becoming stronger and stronger

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