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Image browsing and interception skills of windows system

the common image formats are:

tiff format: the extension is TIF, and the full name is tagged image file format. It is a non distortion compression format, which can maintain the color and level of the original image, but takes up a lot of space. A 2million pixel image takes up almost 6MB of storage capacity, so TIFF is often used for more professional purposes, such as book publishing, posters, etc., and is rarely used on the Internet

bmp format: abbreviation of English bitmap. It is a standard chart in windows. Driven by national policies, it is like a file format. With the popularity of windows, it is widely used. This is the default storage format of the "drawing" program in windows. It contains relatively complete image information, but takes up a considerable amount of disk space

there are many other image formats, such as FPX, raw, TGA, etc., which are applied in printing, photography and other fields respectively, and there are few opportunities in daily life

JPG is usually selected, and images in other formats can also be saved as JPG format with the above save as operation to reduce the volume. When saving, professional software such as Photoshop usually has image quality grades for you to choose (see the figure below). If you just want to send a schematic diagram to the other party and don't pursue accurate effects, you can usually choose 3-5 grades; If you want to maintain the original style, you need to choose 7 ~ 10 gears to ensure. The lower the grade, the smaller the volume, the smaller the hard disk space, and the faster the network transmission

gif image format is to synthesize several to dozens of images into a file and play them like slides after opening, so as to achieve a dynamic effect. In the compression process, the pixel data of the image will not be lost, but the color will be lost. Gif format can only store 256 colors at most, so it is usually used to display simple graphics and fonts with solid-liquid phase transition as an example. Generally, do not use Photoshop, drawing and other programs to GIF files, otherwise they will become static graphics after saving. To maintain the dynamic effect, apply special GIF software, such as advanced GIF animator 1 year ago

commonly used image viewing software

for browsing software and batch conversion format, ACDSee is recommended. It can not only view pictures in full screen, play slides and other ways, but also batch convert image format. Select the file you want to show the conversion format by southbound Huitong, click tool options, click "convert image format" (below), and a pop-up menu allows you to select the format to be generated, Click OK after selection to start the conversion

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