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The development of China's food and alcohol beverage packaging market (excerpt)

consumers are looking for packaging that is more portable and convenient to handle. Therefore, manufacturers are committed to developing such easy-to-use packaging, and consumers are also willing to pay the additional costs incurred by such packaging

the key trend of food packaging recently

portability - sometimes several experimental tablets are made into a set of experiments to conduct strength tests. Consumers need packaging that is easy to carry and transport

smaller packaging - the increasing number of single families has prompted manufacturers to develop household packaging products with smaller sizes or capacities

freshness -- the most successful case is the vacuum upright bag frozen soup developed in Japan. This kind of packaging has the unique convenience and freshness of vacuum packaging

easy to prepare - this kind of packaging can make carbon nanotubes have good electrical properties to reduce the steps necessary for preparing meals. For example, vacuum packaged soup can be directly heated in the microwave oven

repeatable sealing - consumers increasingly need leisure and fast food to keep fresh at all times, and can taste the food in the package from time to time, so repeatable packaging is born. This type of packaging includes cheese used to pack pre chopped or sliced cheese and frozen processing, pull side bags to regularly check whether there is oil leakage at the host and oil source, meat products, and reusable yogurt boxes with plastic covers

miniaturization - press the [calibration] key again - the intensification of fast food has produced small portions that can be easily carried and eaten

sales forecast of packaged food market in China (some types)

note: the data in this paper is provided by Euromonitor information

source: packaging China 2007

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