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Excessive packaging of goods will harm cities

if you hadn't witnessed it with your own eyes, no one would believe that beautiful packaging boxes and exquisite packaging bags are creating hazards in Chinese cities

"once these extravagant and exaggerated packages become garbage, they will occupy valuable land space and become a black hole for resource waste." Yu Shangfeng, deputy director of the environmental sanitation department of Guangzhou Environmental Sanitation Bureau, said

in order to deal with the challenge brought by excessive packaging, relevant experts suggested that while strengthening legislative restrictions, we should pay attention to the recycling of renewable resources to solve the problem

the largest landfill in Asia can only be used for 9 years

the investigation of the environmental and Resource Protection Committee of the National People's Congress shows that at present, China's packaging waste accounts for more than 10% of urban household waste, and its volume constitutes more than 30% of household waste

in order to understand the harm of packaging waste, especially the excessive packaging of goods, the whole process of domestic waste compression and landfill in Guangzhou was tracked and interviewed

at 2:30 p.m. on December 7, I came to Guangzhou Dongfeng waste compression station. This compression station is mainly responsible for the collection, compression and transportation of domestic waste in the three neighborhood communities, and three workers have been working here for a long time. Due to the surrounding green trees and sunshine, it can't be seen from the outside that this is a garbage station

however, the situation inside is not so wonderful. Soon, an environmental sanitation vehicle pulled 18 plastic garbage cans full. Four sanitation workers who came with the car unloaded them one by one, dumped them on the bucket turning rack of the machine, and compacted them with a compressor

the garbage pouring down is smelly. Inside, there are rotten vegetable leaves, tea dregs, leaves, washing powder packaging bags, broken brooms, fluorescent tubes, peels, and so on. Many garbage are mixed with liquids, emitting a stench, while plastic bags, tea boxes, disposable lunch boxes and other packaging garbage are everywhere. According to statistics, 15 of the 18 barrels of garbage have disposable lunch boxes

Zhang Bin, an environmental sanitation worker from Hubei, is idle and chatting at work. He said that based on his more than one year's work experience, packaging waste accounts for a considerable proportion of domestic waste, especially after the Mid Autumn Festival, Spring Festival and other long holidays, all kinds of packaging boxes and bags will appear in the compression station like a hill. Some of the packing boxes are so exquisite that they all want to pick them up. It's a pity that they were crushed in vain. Generally, the amount of garbage will increase by oneortwo tons at this time. They have to work 11 and a half hours a day and can't dispose of these domestic garbage until 10 p.m

Zhang Bin said that Dongfeng garbage compression station alone handles more than 70 domestic garbage trips a day, with a total of more than 70 tons

after more than an hour's journey, I came to Xingfeng landfill 38 kilometers away from the urban area of Guangzhou with a garbage compressor. In this landfill, which is known as the most advanced in the world and the largest in Asia, we can see that the garbage transported from the urban area is dumped into a big pit after weighing, and bulldozers are used to bulldoze, compress and cover the mud layer. Many packaging bags can be seen in the exposed garbage. Several workers are doing mosquito control and other treatment on the garbage while bulldozing

Xiao Wen, deputy director of Xingfeng landfill preparation office, said that according to their analysis in 2003, 57% of the domestic waste in Guangzhou is organic (mainly food residues), 36% is recyclable (including plastic bags, glass, wood, paper, rubber, etc.), and the rest is inorganic and a small amount of harmful substances. Although no special analysis has been made, it can be said that packaging waste accounts for a considerable proportion of recyclables, and they are generally landfilled into the garbage dump with domestic waste

according to preliminary statistics, Guangzhou produces more than 600 cubic meters of garbage every day, which is a hill. "In this sense, the expanding packaging waste is devouring our precious living space," Xiao Wen said

it is reported that Guangzhou produces about 6800 tons of domestic waste every day. Of the existing three landfills, Datianshan and Likeng landfills have been filled and closed, while Xingfeng landfill, with an investment of 600 million and an area of 910000 square meters, can only be used until 2010, with a service life of 9 years

240000 tons of paper are used in shirt packaging boxes every year.

"the emergence of excessive packaging of goods on the one hand shows that the development of China's packaging industry has reached a new level, on the other hand, it can also be said without hesitation that it is a cancer in the development of the packaging industry", Wei Dajin, Secretary General of Guangdong Packaging Technology Association, said in an interview

Wei Dajin said that in a sense, excessive packaging is the reflection of social unhealthy trends in packaging. Because ordinary goods may be beautifully packaged, but they will not be particularly luxurious. He once saw a box of mid autumn moon cakes in a hotel in Shenzhen, priced at more than 8000 yuan. The box was ridiculously large and the packaging was magnificent. If it wasn't for gifts, no one would buy it. Therefore, luxury goods, such as precious medicinal materials, cigarettes and wine, electronic products, jewelry and cosmetics, gift moon cakes, are prone to over packaging

more importantly, excessive packaging also caused a significant waste of resources. Wei Dajin said that relatively speaking, the raw materials of the packaging industry are relatively fine and precious, such as paper, rubber, glass, steel, plastic, etc. if these resources are used in large quantities for the purpose of excessive packaging for one-time consumption, without corresponding recycling, it will cause great waste

take the carton for packaging as an example. According to the statistics of the subsidy decline mechanism launched by new energy vehicles, the national average production of shirts is 1.2 billion pieces every year, and the amount of paper used for packaging boxes is 240000 tons, which is equivalent to cutting down 1.68 million trees with thick bowl mouths. The cartons used for packing shirts are only a drop in the ocean. If you calculate the amount of paper used for packing all goods and the trees to be cut down, it is undoubtedly an amazing number. The plastic products used for packaging need more than 200 years to be absorbed by the soil. These chemical wastes cause serious pollution to the environment

the waste of resources caused by excessive packaging of moon cakes is even more shocking. After the Mid Autumn Festival this year, Guangzhou sanitation department disposed of more than 6million moon cake boxes. In addition to some being recycled as waste, about 70% of the moon cake boxes were finally disposed of as domestic waste

according to the market news, more than 3 million moon cake boxes are thrown away in Hainan every year, and this alone produces more than 700 tons of scrap iron, wood and paper

cosmetics, known as the "beauty industry", also have such problems. The person in charge of a cosmetics manufacturer producing Mengtejiao series brands in Guangzhou told that now there are a wide range of cosmetics packaging. What kind of packaging to choose depends on the preference and cost of the manufacturer. For example, in terms of bottle caps, plastic bottle caps and aluminum oxide bottle caps can be selected, while the materials of packaging bottles are also divided into plastic and glass, and glass is also divided into frosted and ordinary. Finally, it is necessary to consider whether the outer packaging of cosmetics adopts ordinary cartons or iron boxes, and the prices vary greatly between them. In the fierce market competition, in order to attract the attention of consumers, it is very important to use what kind of spring fatigue testing machine to test the coil spring of automobile safety belt. Often, cosmetic manufacturers have to choose luxury packaging as much as possible to make their products look more classy. Of course, this requires more resources, and these packages are difficult to recycle, often directly discarded after use

moon cakes are sold for 99999 yuan, and excessive packaging has become a paradise for profiteers.

in the interview, it was also found that some enterprises still intend to use excessive packaging to grab huge profits, and this social hazard has become a paradise for some unscrupulous businessmen

taking the most popular moon cakes in Guangzhou during the Mid Autumn Festival as an example, Guangzhou orthopedic surgery robots have reached the international advanced level and have been used in batches in hospitals. Zhang Xueqing, deputy general manager of lianxianglou, said that in fact, the cost of moon cakes is not high. Take Lianrong moon cakes for example, the price of high-quality flour on the market is 1.50 yuan to 1.80 yuan/500g, Lianrong stuffing is 5.80 yuan to 6.20 yuan/500g, ingredients are 3 yuan to 3.50 yuan/500g, and syrup is 2 yuan/500g Oil 3 yuan/500g. According to this calculation, the raw material cost of every 500 grams of high-grade lotus moon cakes is only 6 yuan, and the raw material cost of double yellow lotus moon cakes is no more than 25 yuan at most

Zhang Xueqing said that some moon cake manufacturers know that it is difficult to make "big money" just by products, and often make a big fuss on packaging. They make all kinds of luxurious and large packaging boxes, and even put valuables such as famous wine, cigarettes, jewelry and jewelry in them. After such over packaging, businesses dare to bid for any price. A local restaurant in Guangzhou launched 1888 yuan of gold platinum moon cakes, and a Tianjin Hotel sold a moon cake called "pure gold supreme Chinese full moon" to a sky high price of 99999 yuan

Zhang Xueqing said that the profit margins of these mooncakes are hundreds of percent or even higher. Manufacturers can make a lot of money as long as they sell a few, even 30%, and lose the remaining 70%

on December 6, I saw in a liquor store in Guangzhou that there were thirty or forty varieties of wine of a brand according to different packaging. The ordinary glass bottles were more than ten yuan. Some wine was packed in exquisite cardboard boxes, decorated with silk. There were only one bottle of wine and two glasses in the box with enough volume to hold five bottles of wine, which sold for more than 500 yuan. A woman spent more than 300 yuan on a bottle of wine. The woman told me that the wine was given away as a gift. It was packaged and labeled with a price tag. It was also given to human noodles. A person who specializes in selling wine told that many wines are "gift wines", which are actually no different from ordinary packaged ones

the cosmetics market is even better. The person in charge of the cosmetics manufacturer of Mengtejiao series told that the retail price of SK-II's famous fairy water in China is 560 yuan, while its manufacturing cost is only 6.5 yuan, and the cost of Shiseido's 650 yuan/50g eye cream is only about 10 yuan... The price of these products is much higher than the cost, for many reasons, such as brand effect, such as technological content, but it is undeniable that excessive packaging gives a high sounding excuse for huge profits

recycling of renewable resources is an effective weapon to crack excessive packaging.

Jiang nianyun, vice president of the Guangzhou Academy of Social Sciences, said that the original intention of packaging is to protect goods and beautify the appearance, but excessive packaging is far beyond the normal and reasonable range, so we should call on the society to pay attention to this problem. He said that in order to protect the rights and interests of consumers, the state should legislate to limit the excessive outsourcing of domestic testing machine industry. What are the better companies of electronic tensile testing machine and hydraulic universal testing machine? Install, in order to clean up the source

Jiang nianyun said that in addition to legislation, we should also strengthen the work of resource recycling and bring the resources in packaging waste into the track of "circular economy". The "gold content" of packaging waste is much higher than that of ordinary domestic waste, and we have done a great job

it is understood that the main force of recycling renewable resources in Guangzhou is the waste recycling stations at all levels of the supply and marketing system. According to the preliminary statistics of Guangzhou renewable resources management office, there are about 3000 recycling stations in Guangzhou. In 2003 alone, 149000 tons of waste paper, 11000 tons of waste plastics and 274000 tons of waste steel were recycled, accounting for a considerable part of Guangzhou's urban waste

Chen Zhi, director of Guangzhou renewable resources management office

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