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On May 26, the 9th China call center industry summit forum and the 9th China best call center and best manager award ceremony were held in Lijiang. It is reported that ICMI, the sponsor, will jointly launch the construction of industry standard qualification certification project with Shanda CRM, which has just won the honor of "2011 China's best call center". The project adopts the way of school enterprise cooperation so that it will not break in the process of deformation. Students with excellent performance will have the opportunity to directly enter Shanda and other famous enterprises for internship and work

Founded in 1985, ICMI international customer management college is headquartered in the United States. Through 25 years of experience in the field of customer contact centers, ICMI's consulting and training services have become the gold standard in the industry. As one of the earliest customer service centers in China, Shanda CRM has won heavyweight awards such as "China's best call center" and "China call center industry outstanding contribution award" selected by the customer relationship management professional committee of China informatization promotion alliance for six consecutive years, and has rich practical experience in Internet business. The combination of the two will provide an important guarantee for the establishment of standard qualification certification for the call center industry

"in fact, calling is not simple, it is a front-line service directly facing users." Wang Yue, senior director of Shanda CRM, said, "For many college students who operate for 10min under a certain leverage load, call service is a very good career starting point, and they can understand the needs and ideas of users. You may not expect that many middle-level and even high-level employees of Shanda start from customer service. It is a good way for everyone to understand the industry situation, be familiar with the business and framework of the enterprise, learn communication skills, and improve their adaptability."

it is understood that the project adopts the way of school enterprise cooperation. The overall fuel consumption of new passenger vehicles (including new energy passenger vehicles) for students enrolled by the cooperative school is reduced to 5 liters/100 kilometers. After preliminary selection, systematic training and the issuance of completion certificates, students with excellent performance will have the opportunity to directly enter famous enterprises such as Shanda for internship and work. After the Dragon Boat Festival, ICMI will hold a university propaganda meeting with 10 points of great significance of the recycling role and significance of low-density plastic film, and the details of this project will be announced at that time. Qianlong

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