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Excessive packaging of products and legal countermeasures (1)

Abstract: excessive packaging of products has practical hazards such as polluting the environment, wasting energy, unfair competition and increasing the economic burden of consumers. It reflects the lack of green consumption, green marketing concept, legal system guarantee and the need to establish a circular society. It is proposed that it is a common practice of developed countries in the world to restrict excessive packaging by legislation. In view of the practical needs of restricting excessive packaging of products and taking this opportunity, the legal system should be reconstructed to realize a circular society, and then legal countermeasures should be put forward

under the condition of sustainable development market economy, production enterprises attach great importance to product packaging. From bare packaging to packaging, from packaging to hardcover, reflects the progress of society. Moderate packaging is necessary for enterprises, which helps to prevent goods from being damaged in the circulation process and improve the grade of goods, but excessive packaging distorts the price of products. Excessive packaging is reflected in two aspects: one is to infinitely improve the quality of printing and use expensive packaging materials, forcing customers to pay more for packaging. The second is to use too much packaging materials and do not pay attention to the simple design of packaging. With the growth of Global trade and consumer demand, the over packaging of products has become the most troublesome problem for governments all over the world, and stopping the over packaging of products requires the support and protection of the legal system

1 the actual harm of over packaging of products and the problems reflected

1.1 the actual harm of over packaging of products

1.1.1 environmental pollution

domestic waste is an important source of pollution that puzzles urban environmental governance, and the over packaging of products is undoubtedly worse for the increasing number of domestic waste. "Reduction" is the most effective method to treat urban domestic waste at present. Only by reducing the amount of garbage at the source can we reduce the burden of follow-up treatment and effectively control the environmental pollution caused by garbage. Simplifying the over packaging of products is undoubtedly an important part of reduction. This is why some developed countries have strict restrictive regulations on the specification of goods packaging

1.1.2 waste resources

over packaging not only creates waste, but also wastes resources, endangering energy security. Take the cartons used for packaging as an example. According to statistics, the national average production of shirts is 120 million pieces every year, and the amount of paper used for packaging boxes is 240000 tons, which is equivalent to cutting 1.68 million trees with thick bowl mouths. Moreover, the cartons used for packaging shirts are only a drop in the ocean of cartons. If you calculate the amount of paper used for packaging all goods and the trees to be cut, it is undoubtedly an astronomical, not easy to deform and durable figure. Some people say that the more cartons are used, the faster the "green" disappears

1.1.3 unfair competition

enterprises that over package products do not rely on internal quality to occupy the market, but rely on packaging to please or even confuse consumers, so as to occupy the market position and defeat competitors. Packaging worthless things in three layers and three layers outside, and dressing up fake and shoddy goods as "showy", "gold and jade are exposed to the outside", which is also an act of cheating consumers

1.1.4 increase the economic burden of consumers

enterprises that over package their products simply want to earn more profits for consumers through the gorgeous appearance of their products. Excessive packaging is bound to increase the price of goods, and these exquisite packaging materials eventually need to consume another 3 yuan of battery precursor materials. Due to the rise in the prices of nickel, cobalt, manganese and other resources, consumers also show an increasing trend. Consumers pay the bill. Consumers buy for the quality of products. However, due to the "overlord packaging" of enterprises, consumers need to add pressure immediately; Only charge nitrogen into the accumulator; The fee payer has to pay a senseless price

1.2 problems reflected by over packaging products

1.2.1 society needs to vigorously advocate green consumption

over packaging of products is not only the fault of production enterprises, but also shows that our concept of green consumption has not yet been formed. Environmental protection must change the wrong concept of relying solely on the government. In foreign countries, it is a large number of non-governmental environmental protection organizations that have played a good role in protecting the environment. Social environmental protection organizations should spontaneously resist over packaging products. The real realization of green consumption depends on the improvement of consumers' consumption quality. The society should widely carry out the publicity and education of green consumption knowledge and green consumption volunteer activities, so that consumers have the necessary green consumption knowledge and encourage more people to be enthusiastic about environmental protection. Circular economy is a new economic development model based on the continuous recycling of materials, which uses ecological laws to guide the economic activities of human society. It requires that economic activities be organized into a closed process of "resource utilization, green industry and resource regeneration", and all raw materials and energy should be reasonably utilized in the continuous economic cycle, so as to control the impact of economic activities on the natural environment to the smallest extent possible. Considering the treatment of excessive packaging from "the end also makes the sample slip in the process of experiment", it is necessary to establish a recycling system of packaging waste

1.2.4 China needs the support and protection of the legal system

only two parts of the current law have made provisions on the packaging and recycling of products. Article 20 of the cleaner production law: the design of products and packages should consider their impact on human health and the environment in the life cycle, and give priority to non-toxic, harmless, easy to degrade or easy to recycle schemes; Enterprises should pack their products reasonably to reduce the excessive use of packaging materials and the generation of packaging waste. Article L7 of the law on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste: products shall be packaged with materials that are easy to be recycled, disposed of or absorbed in the environment; Producers, sellers and users of products shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state, recycle the packaging and containers of products that can be recycled. It can be seen that the provisions of our laws on product packaging are basically at the level of policy declaration, and do not have specific operability. Although China has realized the necessity of simplifying packaging and the recycling of product packaging, these two simple regulations alone cannot solve the problems in reality

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