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An exclusive interview on the preparatory work of the first Hong Kong International Printing and packaging exhibition (Part 1)

for the industry's attention, the "Hong Kong International Printing and packaging exhibition" will be held grandly at the newly completed Asia International Expo in Hong Kong from April 8 to 11, 2006. At present, the preparatory work of the exhibition is being carried out in an intense and orderly manner. Recently, in view of the background and significance of the exhibition, the main characteristics of the exhibition and the current progress of exhibition and investment attraction, which are generally concerned by people in the industry, this magazine made an exclusive interview with Xie Senshu, general manager of China Exhibition Group Huagang International Exhibition Co., Ltd., the main person in charge of the exhibition organizing committee

With regard to the background and significance of holding the first Hong Kong International Printing and packaging exhibition, general manager Xie Senshu said: the exhibition, jointly hosted by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and Huagang International Exhibition Co., Ltd., has been highly valued by the central government of China and the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative region since its inception, and has received the attention of the China Council for the promotion of international trade Strong support and enthusiastic sponsorship from well-known professional institutions in the industry, such as the China printing and equipment industry association, the Hong Kong Printing Industry Association, the Hong Kong Printing Association and the Hong Kong Packaging Association. This strong combination of the exhibition itself shows that it will be an important event of specialization, internationalization and branding with high starting point, multi-function and large perspective. This exhibition will be the first in the history of Hong Kong Industrial Exhibition. The successful holding of the exhibition will not only help China's printing and packaging industry expand its market and go global, but also will further promote the implementation of CEPA agreement, promote the Pan Pearl River Delta (9 + 2) regional economic cooperation, and consolidate Hong Kong's important position as the "Asian exhibition city", Maintaining the long-term prosperity and stability of Hong Kong has played an important practical role and far-reaching social impact

as you know, Hong Kong implements "one country, two systems" politically. It is a world-famous financial center, trade center and shipping center. It is also a world-renowned "free trade port" and "Asian exhibition capital". Geographically, Hong Kong is backed by Guangdong and faces the Asia Pacific region. It is at the intersection of the "China ASEAN Free Trade Area" and the "Pan Pearl River Delta economic cooperation area", and has unique regional advantages. Hong Kong has a beautiful environment and convenient transportation; Advanced facilities and perfect services; Mature market and sound legal system; Hong Kong's unique urban charm, strong business atmosphere and superior exhibition environment are unmatched by any city in mainland China at present

Hong Kong is one of the four major printing centers in the world and an important media service and information center in the Asia Pacific region. The printing and packaging industry is an important pillar industry in Hong Kong, with an annual output value of 35 billion Hong Kong dollars, and the annual export volume of printing and packaging products and services exceeds 10 billion Hong Kong dollars. Guangdong Province is a famous "hometown of printing and packaging" in China. At present, there are nearly 10000 printing and packaging enterprises. In 2005, the annual output value of the industry in Guangdong Province exceeded 80billion yuan, accounting for about 1/3 of the country, and the annual growth rate of the industry reached more than 20%. Since the reform and opening up, with the relocation of some production processes of Hong Kong printing and packaging enterprises, the printing and packaging industry in Guangdong and Hong Kong has gradually formed a new development pattern of internal and external integration, front store and back factory, resource sharing, mutual benefit and win-win results. For a long time, taking Guangdong as the base and Hong Kong as the window to jointly build an international multilateral trade platform with two-way import and export orientation for China's printing and packaging industry has become a strong desire for the development of the industry and the common aspiration of industry insiders

however, due to the structural limitations of the existing Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center (Wanchai), the site conditions for holding industrial exhibitions have not been met for a long time. In order to promote the in-depth development of Hong Kong's Convention and exhibition industry, the Hong Kong government, together with relevant parties, invested 2 HK $261million to gradually create a new business model of "partner", and built the Hong Kong Asia International Expo on Lantau Island. On December 21, 2005, the museum was officially completed, and the Hong Kong subway and the airport rapid transit were also opened at the same time. On that day, Mr. Donald Tsang, the chief executive of Hong Kong, attended the opening ceremony in person. Ms. Zhong min, the chief representative of the representative office of the China Council for the promotion of international trade in Hong Kong and Macao, also attended the opening ceremony on behalf of the host organization. The completion of the new pavilion ended the history that Hong Kong could not hold industrial exhibitions in one fell swoop, and provided a rare historical opportunity for holding large-scale electromechanical exhibitions in Hong Kong

in order to seize the important strategic opportunity after the implementation of the CEPA agreement, strive to promote the construction of the "China ASEAN Free Trade Area", actively resolve the current adverse factors such as trade protectionism and various trade barriers encountered in China's foreign trade, and further increase the export scope and promotion of China's mechanical and electrical products, under the warm care and cordial guidance of the central government and the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, With the strong support of professional institutions in the two places, China International Exhibition Group Huagang International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council have carefully considered that the industry foundation and venue conditions for holding industrial exhibitions in Hong Kong are mature. Taking advantage of the completion of the new Hong Kong Pavilion to open the first industrial exhibition in Hong Kong's history is not only the call of the times for China's printing and packaging industry to explore the international market in the new era, but also a timely move to seize the opportunity, innovate independently, and write a new chapter in Hong Kong's exhibition history. In addition, Huagang company will also cooperate with the Hong Kong Trade Development Council to hold the "Hong Kong International Building Materials and Construction Machinery Exhibition" in October 2006

strong publicity widely mobilized famous experts in the industry to actively participate in the exhibition

since the preparatory work was carried out, the host single input data * reuse bit has gathered and medium advantage troops in the aspect of exhibition recruitment and publicity, and has carried out the following four aspects:

first, intensive release of information. Relying on the exhibition resources and information networks established and accumulated over the years, the organizer concentrated half a year to release the exhibition recruitment information at home and abroad in an all-round, high-capacity and multi-channel manner, and widely invited famous enterprises in the industry to participate in the exhibition

Huagang company makes full use of dozens of branches and agencies of China Exhibition Group at home and abroad, as well as 49 local branches of China Council for the promotion of international trade in China, more than 600 county-level branches and 15 overseas representative offices, to organize a massive market promotion offensive by publishing, advertising, direct mail, online publicity, roadshow promotion, visiting customers, visiting exhibitions, on-site distribution and other forms. The Hong Kong Trade and Development Council has also given full play to its international information advantages. Through its 40 offices on five continents around the world, it has delivered exhibition information to the general audience, and invited exhibitors at home and abroad to come to the exhibition to promote products and negotiate cooperation

it is understood that at present, major professional institutions in the world, including printing and packaging industry associations in the United States and Europe, have been informed of the information of this exhibition. Everyone praised that the publicity work of the exhibition was in place and the coverage was very wide

secondly, diversify and integrate resources. On September 30, 2005, in the name of the China Council for the promotion of international trade (CCPIT), CCPIT sent a special letter to the offices of relevant ministries and commissions under the State Council, the economic and trade commissions (commerce departments) of provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, relevant professional industry associations across the country, as well as CCPIT provincial and municipal branches, industry branches and overseas representative offices inviting relevant enterprises to participate in the Hong Kong Packaging Exhibition

China Exhibition Group and Huagang company have also mobilized enterprises in the industry through well-known professional institutions and professional media at home and abroad, such as China printing and equipment industry association, Guangdong Printing and Reproduction Industry Association, Hong Kong Printing Industry Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong Printing Arts Association and Hong Kong packaging professional association, and made efforts to integrate all aspects of industry resources, complement each other's advantages, and work together to build a professionalized An important trading platform for international printing and packaging industry with internationalization and branding effect

so far, the organizer has signed agent exhibition and investment invitation agreements with more than 100 trade promotion branches, industry associations, exhibition companies, professional media and distribution agencies at home and abroad, and the organization is proceeding in an orderly manner

third, international business matching. On the basis of extensive and in-depth publicity of the exhibition, the organizer also attaches great importance to the brand effect and actual results of the exhibition. The Hong Kong Trade and Development Bureau has thoroughly excavated the contact information of 620000 printing and packaging enterprises around the world stored in its trade database, giving full play to its excellent ability to handle 5million international trade inquiries every year, and providing trade matching services for enterprises from the beginning of their participation. The business scope of this service covers a wide range of business areas, including procurement, sales, agency, joint venture, cooperation, chain operation, distribution channels, technology procurement, patent authorization and so on. In the process of organizing the exhibition, the organizer will fully consider the actual needs of customers, adhere to the principle of people-oriented and personalized service, wholeheartedly enrich the exhibition content with high-quality and efficient value-added services, and strengthen the transaction function, so that the exhibitors can get something from the exhibition

fourth, professional exhibition promotion. So far, the exhibition has held four large-scale press conferences in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. Roadshows were held in Shanghai, Wenzhou, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Shantou, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen and other regions in China where printing packaging enterprises are relatively concentrated due to their excellent hydrolytic stability. Hundreds of advertisements have been published in newspapers, periodicals, radio and television stations and other mass media in major cities in China, as well as print and packaging magazines at home and abroad to release information about the exhibition

the organizer also organized a special person to go to Chengdu to promote the exhibition at the "second Pan Pearl River Delta Regional Economic Cooperation Forum" in August, 2005. In September, 2005, a special person was sent to Chicago, the United States to participate in the world-famous "American prepress, printing and processing trade exhibition" to visit important international customers, hold on-site press conferences, distribute promotional materials, and promote the Hong Kong Exhibition

through the above large-scale publicity and promotion, the exhibition recruitment work has made significant progress. By the end of November, 2005, 158 Hong Kong and overseas enterprises had signed up for the exhibition, among which Manroland, Fuji, Ricoh, Kodak, OCE, Konica, Minolta, as well as international well-known enterprises such as Hong Kong Joint Publishing, starlight group, Jingya printing, etc. were on the list. The mainland has also made great progress in attracting exhibitions. According to incomplete statistics, Shandong, Fujian, Liaoning, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Shantou, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Wenzhou, Ningbo and other provinces and cities are actively organizing groups to participate in the exhibition

elaborate planning and strive to build an international trading platform for the printing and packaging industry

when talking about the professional positioning and main highlights of this exhibition, President Xie said that through in-depth market research and repeated consultations with industry experts, the organizers of this exhibition will mainly highlight the following three characteristics in planning:

create an export trading platform for international printing and packaging equipment, equipment and consumables

in recent years, The Asia Pacific region, including China, has become an important engine of world economic development. China is one of the largest printing countries in the world and plays an important role in the international printing industry. At present, the total annual output value of the mainland printing industry is more than 280 billion yuan, ranking third in the world, second only to the United States and Japan. The mainland of China can not only produce ordinary printing and packaging equipment, post press equipment and general equipment and consumables to meet domestic demand, but also has the production capacity and technical level to export equipment and equipment to the world. Hong Kong is not only recognized as one of the four major printing centers in the world, but also a world-famous city

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