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The overcapacity of ordinary glass has become the focus of China's building energy conservation.

looking back on the past eight years, under the difficult situation of decentralized layout and disorderly competition in the building materials industry, China Building Materials Group has transformed and innovated its enterprise development mode, achieving leapfrog development. From 2002 to 2009, the group's turnover increased from 3.7 billion yuan to 81.6 billion yuan, an increase of 21 times; Profit from 0. 7.8 billion yuan to 38. 800 million yuan, an increase of 49 times; The total assets increased from 12.3 billion yuan to 113.3 billion yuan, an increase of 8 times, ranking first in the top 100 building materials industry

looking forward to the next 10 years, China building materials clearly proposes to implement the "big building materials" strategy, vigorously promote the structural adjustment, joint reorganization, energy conservation and emission reduction of cement and glass, vigorously develop new building materials, new housing and new energy materials, expand from the existing building materials field to the construction steel and wood field, strengthen the extension of the industrial chain, steadily promote overseas business, and participate in international competition. In the fierce market competition, China building materials, which has found a way of rapid development, has interviewed song Zhiping, chairman of China Building Materials Group, on how to build a world-class building materials enterprise in the future

: the output of China's building materials industry accounts for a high proportion in the world, but there is a problem of "large but not strong", which is felt by enterprises with sales revenue of several billion yuan. What do you think of the development status of the building materials industry

song Zhiping: China's cement output in 2009 was 16. 2.8 billion tons, accounting for more than 50% of the global cement output; Float glass output 5. 600million weight boxes, accounting for 46% of the global glass output; The production capacity of ceramics accounts for a higher proportion in the world. While the building materials industry has made great achievements, there is a prominent problem of "large but not strong", that is, the industry has little impact on the price (except for the door type), the concentration is low, the number of enterprises is large, too scattered, and the industry scale is large. We are willing to work together with Mongolia, but there is a lack of strong enterprises. The development of China Building Materials Group from a company with assets and income of several billion yuan to an enterprise group with "more than 100 billion yuan" is a historic leap in some fields and even at the world advanced level, and is the result of the practical transformation of the development mode. This will not only become a major event in the development history of the group, but also a landmark event for China's building materials industry to change from big to strong

: what does China's suppression of overcapacity and redundant construction in some industries mean for the building materials industry, a typical overcapacity industry

song Zhiping: like many traditional manufacturing industries in China, traditional building materials industries such as cement and glass have developed to the stage of surplus in the whole industry, requiring large-scale structural adjustment and industrial upgrading. This brings us some challenges, but it will also bring great opportunities. In this new industrial development pattern, as the pacesetter of the building materials industry, China building materials group should be duty bound to become the leader of the healthy market

make great efforts to carry out joint restructuring, with the purpose of forming a regional market pattern dominated by large groups, improving the value of the industry, improving the concentration of the industry, and transforming the industry from pursuing the increase of quantity to pursuing the growth of value. In the past, relying on the joint heavy fatigue testing machine divided into several groups and capital operation, China Building Materials Group has achieved leapfrog development. Now, according to the national industrial policy, we should unswervingly change the development mode, adhere to the development path of technological innovation and highlighting the main business, adhere to the growth mode of combining capital operation and joint restructuring, and walk out of a path that takes regional development as the center, controls the total amount, realizes stock optimization, and promotes the healthy market and comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development

: you previously proposed to vigorously develop new building materials, new houses and new energy materials this year. How will China building materials find a way of energy conservation and environmental protection based on "three new" through technological innovation

Song Zhiping: the scientific and technological innovation ability of enterprises is very important to realize industrial upgrading and cultivate new economic growth points. China National Building Materials Group has always placed technological innovation in an important position. On the one hand, it has established and improved the group's overall independent innovation system, established an innovation platform, and increased investment in independent innovation. On the other hand, it has actively introduced advanced talents and technology, and strengthened integrated innovation. At present, we are speeding up the organization and implementation of a series of major science and technology projects, such as high-performance cement, solar membrane glass, high-performance carbon fiber, and strive to break through key technologies and improve the contribution of science and technology to the development of the group. Focusing on the housing industrialization of the construction of a new socialist countryside, China building materials is actively promoting the work of "housing to the countryside", and promoting integrated steel structure energy-saving and environmental protection houses in rural areas

: in the future development, what are the considerations of the "big building materials" strategy of China National Building Materials Group in terms of business structure and development mode

song Zhiping: "big building materials" strategy can be summarized as follows: first, expand from the existing building materials field to the construction steel and wood field according to the internationally accepted concept; Second, strengthen the extension of the industrial chain and vigorously develop new housing business; Third, steadily promote overseas business and participate in international competition

for enterprises, big is the foundation and strong is the goal. The goal of China Building Materials Group is to become the largest comprehensive building materials supplier in China with international competitiveness in ten years. To this end, China Building Materials Group will further enrich and enrich the "big building materials" strategy. It should not only be larger in scale, but also have industrial attributes, R & D and innovation capabilities, core competitiveness, and play a decisive role in the industry

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