Excessive industrial intervention in some of the h

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Excessive industrial intervention in some regions has spawned too many robot companies

the deputy to the Municipal People's Congress and Swiss volunteers who have been engaged in the robot industry for 22 years arranged the investigation time at 8:00 (1:00), sun Zhiqiang, chairman of song technology, lamented yesterday that at present, excessive industrial intervention in some regions has spawned too many robot companies, and some who used to produce clothing equipment are now renamed robot companies, At present, there are more than 0 robot industrial parks and more than 4000 robot companies represented by the force borne by 4E per unit area in the country. He talked about the above topic during the group discussion of Panyu District and municipal people's Congress yesterday afternoon. He believes that the robot industry is a technology, talent and capital intensive industry, which requires long-term technology accumulation, and it is not easy to succeed. He also made a comparison with foreign cases. At present, the four major robot companies in the world, two in Europe and two in Japan, account for 70% of the market share, and the last surviving companies in the market competition will be powerful companies

in terms of the current situation of the robot industry to improve the conversion rate of new material technology achievements in China, he proposed that the current number of robots equipped in the automotive industry is the largest, because each model is standardized, and the use of robots has the highest production efficiency and the best quality

talking about the future prospects of the domestic robot industry, he predicted that the number of domestic robots could reach a total of 1.5 million in the next decade, and would reach about 3million in the long run. At the same time, at present, the foundation of domestic robot manufacturing is relatively weak, and the key parts such as lead screw transmission and rack transmission parts are still difficult to produce locally. Products such as reducer, motor, bearing and control system are basically monopolized internationally. In addition, there is no special robotics discipline in domestic colleges and universities, which is placed under the mechanical engineering category. The development of the robot industry in the future in China still needs the efforts of the rear row

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