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How to correctly select the consumables of the inkjet printer

with the continuous expansion of the application industry of the inkjet printer, the inkjet printer has gradually become a necessary product for the production and packaging of enterprises. The use of the consumables of the inkjet printer is of great concern to enterprises, so enterprises should also pay attention to the selection and use of consumables. First, correctly select the consumables; Secondly, consumables should be used correctly; Finally, precautions when using consumables

I. In addition to being familiar with the product manual, consumers should verify whether the furniture is solid after selecting the consumables of the inkjet printer.

the inkjet printer is a high-tech product. Its nozzle is very small (micron in diameter), and the characters to be sprayed are required to be dried quickly and have high adhesion. Every process in the production process of its consumables has strict process and quality control. After raw material inspection, purification, batching, grinding, reaction, stability Three stage filtration, filling and inspection form products. Therefore, the requirements for ink and diluent are very high. Therefore, users of inkjet printer should make correct choices when selecting consumables of inkjet printer,

1. Ink is generally composed of resin, solvent, pigment and other materials, and diluent is composed of solvent, activator and stabilizer materials. Its formula and production process are quite strict. Each inkjet printer manufacturer will provide corresponding types of inks according to the performance of the inkjet printer and the material of the inkjet printer. In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of the inkjet printer, the original ink provided by the inkjet printer manufacturer must be selected when selecting ink. Although there are many alternative inks on the market now, claiming that they are the same as the original ink and can be used universally, in fact, after a period of use, the inkjet printer will fail. Because the formula and production process of inkjet printer ink are quite strict, it is difficult for ordinary manufacturers to make general consumables, and even some large manufacturers are difficult to make the same consumables as the original ink. Therefore, inkjet printer must use original ink provided by its manufacturer

2. The diluent is specially developed according to the characteristics of the ink. It continuously replenishes the materials lost by the ink during the operation of the inkjet printer and repairs the structural damage to the ink caused by circulation. The alternative solvent generally does not have the substance to provide ink loss, but simply adds the ink base material, which is very harmful to the normal work of the inkjet printer. Generally, there will be splitting difference, the deflection force will be reduced, and some printed characters will appear, which will seriously prevent normal startup. As a result, the warranty of the machine will be lost or even scrapped. Therefore, when selecting diluent, the original diluent provided by the inkjet printer manufacturer must be selected

3. In addition to ink and diluent, the inkjet printer also uses cleaning fluid. It is used to clean the nozzle and spilled ink. Generally, the supplier of inkjet printer will provide different types of cleaning solution for different inks. However, the production formula and process requirements of cleaning fluid chamfering without affecting the purpose of observation are relatively simple. The main cleaning solutions are acetone, butanone, pentanone, alcohol, etc. At this time, the user can select the corresponding cleaning solution according to the base material of his own machine ink. We recommend that you also choose the original cleaning solution provided by the manufacturer of the inkjet printer. Be infallible

therefore, when the inkjet printer is purchased, the supplier of the inkjet printer will generally tell the customer what type of ink, solvent and cleaning fluid to purchase in the future. Just purchase consumables according to the supplier's requirements. In this way, huge losses will not be caused by using wrong consumables

II. Correctly use the inkjet printer to consume

1. Inks from different manufacturers cannot be mixed. There are strict requirements on the performance indicators of consumables in the design process of inkjet printer. Such as viscosity, particle size, conductivity, drying time, adhesion, corrosivity, pH value, etc. shall be within a certain range. Consumables from different manufacturers are not universal. Therefore, inkjet printer manufacturers will tell customers that if they use consumables not approved by the company, they will have the same consequences as inferior consumables and lose the warranty

2. Different types of inks cannot be mixed. Different types of inkjet printer inks have different base materials, dyes, etc. Therefore, different types of ink cannot be mixed. Once mixed, different inks are prone to physical reaction to form precipitation, or chemical reaction to form precipitation. In this way, the damage to the inkjet printer is very bad. It can be said that the ink system of the inkjet printer is basically scrapped

3. Expired ink and new ink cannot be mixed. The ink of inkjet printer is marked with expiration date or production date. If the warranty period is exceeded, the quality of the ink will be greatly reduced, and some inks can not even be used normally. Therefore, when using consumables, we must check whether they are within the warranty period. In addition, if the print quality becomes poor during use, you can check whether the ink has expired. If it has expired for a long time, it must be replaced with new ink. Remember to properly dispose of the original ink instead of mixing it with the new ink

III. precautions

1. As we all know, water is conductive in most cases. Therefore, the inkjet printer ink, solvent and cleaning solution cannot be mixed with water. The inkjet printer needs to charge the ink dot accurately. Therefore, inkjet printer ink is particularly sensitive to moisture. In the process of use, attention must be paid to prevent fire. Any used cleaning materials, such as paper towels for wiping, are fire hazards. These materials must be recycled in time after use and treated with safe methods. Do not use water to extinguish the fire caused by electrical appliances, and the power supply must be disconnected first

2. Ink and solvent of inkjet printer are corrosive, so try not to get contaminated with skin, eyes, nose, etc. if you accidentally drop it, please wash it with a large amount of detergent for a quarter of an hour. If you feel uncomfortable after cleaning, please get medical help immediately. Most inks contain components that are easily volatilized and sucked into the lungs. Therefore, good ventilation must be ensured at the use site of the inkjet printer

3. Different from other equipment, the principle of inkjet printer depends on electrostatic deflection, so it must be well grounded. If the grounding is not good, the accumulation of static electricity to an increasingly novel and fair understanding of environmental protection concepts may cause sparks and fire. At the same time, if the grounding is poor, it may cause problems such as poor print quality and poor ink dot splitting. Therefore, the inkjet printer must be grounded

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