How to curb excessive packaging

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How to curb excessive packaging

from the Spring Festival to the Lantern Festival to Valentine's day, over packaging has always been a hot topic in the media. The packaging void ratio of individual health food is as high as 87%. The gift box weighing up to 5 kg only contains 6 liang of walnut powder. The wine in the high-end red wine gift box with a price of 1000 yuan is only worth more than 50 yuan. It seems to be challenging the national standard that the number of layers of packaging should not exceed 3, the void ratio should not be greater than 60%, and the packaging cost should not exceed 20% of the commodity price. Although the national mandatory standard "requirements for food and cosmetics to restrict excessive packaging of commodities" has been implemented for nearly two years, the phenomenon of excessive packaging has been emerging one after another. This kind of extravagant packaging is not only a waste of resources, but also exacerbates the deterioration of the ecological environment, and is contrary to the current concept of green environmental protection and low-carbon life. How to curb excessive packaging? The author recently visited professor caoguorong, Dean of the vocational and Technical College of Beijing Institute of printing

by analyzing the causes of excessive packaging, caoguorong said that there are three main reasons why excessive packaging prevails: businessmen exaggerate the promotional role of packaging in order to pursue maximum profits, and consumers choose high-end packaging gifts for face and pomp, which gives birth to the demand for excessive packaging; The imperfect laws and regulations regulating this behavior, the weak government supervision, the loopholes in relevant standards and the lack of punishment standards condone the breeding of this phenomenon

talking about the harm of excessive packaging, caoguorong said that excessive packaging, especially high-end luxury packaging, will undoubtedly consume a lot of paper, wood, silk, metal and manpower, resulting in a serious waste of resources. If some packaging materials cannot be recycled, they will not only become garbage and occupy land resources, but also cause environmental pollution, which is not conducive to environmental sustainability. At present, many consumers have bought goods with gorgeous packaging and found that there are too few substantive things inside. They immediately feel cheated and spend a lot of money

how to curb excessive packaging? Cao Guorong proposed a multi pronged approach: severe punishment + publicity and education + improving laws and regulations

first of all, businesses enjoy the benefits brought by excessive packaging, but ignore packaging waste. Caoguorong believes that producers should be expanded, so that when designing packaged products, producers should consider the recycling of products after use. It forces enterprises to reasonably design safe, practical, simple and generous packaging from reality. For enterprises with serious excessive packaging, high packaging tax or packaging waste recycling charge can be levied according to the percentage, or enterprises with excessive packaging of goods will be fined a high amount, so as to reduce their profit space or make them unprofitable

secondly, because there is demand, there will be a market, so it should be added 5. The fluctuation range of the power supply voltage should not exceed ± 10% of the rated voltage; Great efforts have been made in publicity and education to make consumers clearly aware of the hazards caused by excessive packaging and enhance consumers' awareness of self-protection. Section 23 The unrestricted trial model focuses on environmental protection awareness and social awareness, guides consumers' healthy consumption, makes them pay more attention to connotation than appearance, consciously resists over packaging goods, pays attention to the quality of goods and the quality of services, and whether the packaging of goods is environmentally friendly, whether it saves resources, and whether it is conducive to recycling

thirdly, as China has only issued national standards to limit the excessive packaging of food and cosmetics, and has not issued policies and regulations to ensure that the standardized operation of the industry is prone to aging, China's laws, regulations and industry standards on restricting the excessive packaging of goods are not perfect and lack of practical operability. Therefore, caoguorong suggested that, first, the loopholes in the packaging standards should be improved as soon as possible. For example, producers should publicize the number of layers, void ratio and cost price in the packaging, so as to provide a simple and clear judgment standard for the public and regulatory authorities. The second is to formulate a list of products and packaging materials that are compulsorily recycled and specific recycling methods. Third, excessive packaging should be clearly classified as commercial fraud and severely punished. Fourth, we will study and formulate price and tax policies to curb excessive packaging of goods, encourage unpackaged goods and simple packaging of high-end consumer goods, and emphasize that packaging should be harmless to the ecological environment, human health and recyclable. Fifthly, it is timely to consider selling commodities in some industries separately from additional packaging

teach you a trick

how to judge excessive packaging

according to the national standard GB "requirements for food and cosmetics for restricting excessive packaging of goods" implemented since April 1, 2010, whether food and cosmetics are over packaged should be judged from the three indicators of sales packaging porosity, layers and cost. The standard compulsorily stipulates that the number of packaging layers must be less than 3, the packaging void ratio shall not be greater than 60%, and the total packaging cost other than the initial packaging shall not exceed 20% of the sales price of the commodity. At the same time, the standard has adjusted the index requirements for commodities with serious over packaging, such as beverages, wine, cakes, grains, health food, cosmetics, etc

this standard was approved and issued by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China and the National Standardization Administration Committee in 2009. It aims to solve the problem of excessive packaging of goods to a certain extent by specifying the limit index

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